Food & Wine Booths and Missing Locations


Is there a reason that the food booths for Food and Wine aren’t all on touring plans? Using the 2020 Taste of Epcot doesn’t really help me in optimizing my time and direction. Also, I can’t seem to find Les Halles on there, either.

I know that I can put a different booth or cart for these things and put a comment on it, but it still bothers me because I have to spend so much time looking up what is close by.

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Add the Remy Scavenger Hunt too! ;-). Please and thanks


Les Halles isn’t on the app? I see it on my iPhone. Let me know if you don’t (it’s under “L”)

We’ve never had the food booths available as separate entities. I’ll add this and the Remy Scavenger Hunt to our list of things to do.

Weird, I’ve looked several times on my computer and do not see Les Halles. I’ll look again.

I have had no luck working on my plans on the iPhone, especially with restaurants, because I can’t add times and length there.

I, too, don’t see it listed on the desktop. I didn’t check in the app itself.

ditto for me. Les Halles isn’t on the website…haven’t checked the phone app. Also in a blog I read that Kang & Kodos is open at Universal on weekends but it doesn’t show up for weekend touring plans.

I just checked the app for Android. It is missing from there as well!