Food to bring to POP! for Riding out Irma?


We are stuck here, our early out plans did not work and flight was cancelled. We will be on lock down at POP! from tomorrow night until likely sometime on Monday and have an opportunity to get out to get food tomorrow. Any suggestions for food that will keep for Sunday and MOnday - obviously we can get sandwiches from pop QS, but I was trying to be creative.

Savory only, we have plenty of sweets.


I'd load up on fruits that don't require refrigeration (apples, bananas) and sandwich staples (bread, peanut butter, etc.) Cereal and breakfast bars/pop tarts as well.


Consider a styrofoam cooler and ice. You can put cheese lunch meat etc in it ifcthe power fails. It would give you a bit more space and time for refrigerator items. Nuts and shelf stable milk are other good options.


Good call. Thanks!

We decided to Uber to the Publix to stock up on real food items for not tons of money - but my husband has been gone for a while....wonder what the scene there is like?


Good luck to you. If you buy anything canned, make sure you have a can opener, if you need it.


Probably too late, but beef jerky, summer sausage and crackers, hard cheeses.


Yes, I would think sandwich fixings, whatever your fave ingredients are. We often have sandwiches reg trips to disney- we get from Publix. Coldcuts, tomatoes, sliced cheese, pbutter, jelly, hummus, guacamole.

Also, Publix makes sandwiches, but prob not during this situation. Be sure to get a good knife, to slice tomatoes if you get those.

I'm wondering how long (if at all) disney power would be out? If so, cooler if available at store, or load up some container w ice, for at least duration of a day or so?


Thanks, all. Uber was running this morning, so my husband went and bought salads, bread and ham and cheese, brie and mixers for our adult beverages.....we stocked up on treats at the Candy Store before leaving MK this afternoon - toffee crunch, mickey treats, fudge......

I think we are set. Not sure if power will go out, but when we returned to our room, a flashlight was left for us on our table.

Just FYI, Disney is selling boxed lunches with water for $6 in the POP lobby. Announced the food court would be closed Sunday.


good luck and be safe. I had a crazy thought... do the magic bands still unlock the doors if the power goes out? I may be an idiot... I don't know if those are electronic or just rf.


not sure, but if the power is out - we are not leaving the room!!


I guess that makes sense. I wouldn't want anyone to get locked out of their room.
We live in New England had have been through many hurricanes. There's a lot of "down time" during those storms, including when you're in the eye. I know I'd want to be able to get a little fresh air even under lock down.
I really hope it loses strength.
Be safe!


Stay safe!

Also, if you can get a hold of them at this point, books and games. Novels, nonfiction, coloring books for kids, crosswords, sudokus, Monopoly, and anything therein. Everyone's sanity and tendency towards cabin fever and claustrophobia will be sorely tested, and outlets like movies and Netflix are unlikely to be an option


It's just us, and honestly, its the "vacation from my vacation" we always hope for = other than the storm that is! Just some needed down time - and since we are here celebrating "Empty Nest" no kids!


Try to relax as much as you can, and be safe!