Food Report: Forget the Monte Cristo, the Fire Cracker Duck Wings at Carthay Circle are the true gem of DLR!

Last month when we were trying to get away from the crowds at DCA and we were lucky enough to land a same day reservation at Carthay Circle. I didn’t really know what to expect but so far we had been amazed with the quality of the food in DLR that we knew we were in for a real treat (not unlike its overrated and underwhelming east coast counterpart).

I could rave about the superb entrees we tasted but the star of the show were the Fire Cracker Duck Wings. Not sweet but certainly not too spicy either, they were one of the most succulent appetizer I’ve had in a very long time. They are BIG!, much larger than your regular chicken wing, somewhat smaller than a drumstick. Of course, if you compare them to a turkey leg they are minuscule in comparison.

My guess is that they are fried in duck fat which makes for an interesting experience as your palate will try to discover the secret ingredient while exploding in tangy zesty glory.

Some people go back to DCA to ride Radiator Springs Racers or Guardians of the Galaxy, not me. I’m counting the days for our next trip when I’ll be able to try those heavenly wings again.


We ended up with a same day reservation at Carthay Circle when we visited as well and it was great. Definitely a must do again for us if we ever make it back to Disneyland. I was mildly surprised when the waiter recommended the Cheeseburger, but it was excellent & that’s saying something for a $24 cheeseburger. I would definitely highly recommend Carthay Circle as well.

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