Food into Oga's Cantina?

So, TP Resfinder just came through again! I got an Oga’s reservation close to what I wanted, so I grabbed it. However, I think we’re going to be hungry for something more than just snacks at that time. Has anyone ever tried to grab food at Docking Bay 7 and brick it into Oga’s? The reservation time I got was right in the middle of my planned dinner time.
If that’s not an option, how flexible are those reservations? Ours is at 5:50. Could we go at 5:30? 6:15?

I can’t speak to those questions directly, but we were there last week and the meat and cheese platter is substantial enough to hold you over until after to get food at Docking Bay 7

or wherever. Use the MDE app to pre-order Docking Bay 7 and we had a quick turnaround twice there doing that.


Yes, the platter is lovely! It’s not listed on the menu they give you (unless this has been updated now), but they will certainly know what you mean if you ask for it.

Yes, it’s on the menu now, both physical and online. We got the other munchies as well. The two together were enough to hold the 6 of us over until after park close. We then walked to the Swan at Kimonos for sushi.