Food for Animal Kingdom day?

We are staying off property and will be spending one afternoon at Animal Kingdom on Tuesday, Oct 8 - bought mid-day passes since my kids don’t like to do rides. I am thinking about a late breakfast at Sanaa and late lunch/early dinner at Nomad Lounge. Two questions:

  1. Does any one know if you can get the bread service at Sanaa during their QS breakfast? I don’t see it on the menu, but I know some Disney restaurants offer off-menu items if they are available.

  2. What is the best time to hit Nomad Lounge for a table for our party of 5? Our plans are flexible. I just want to try to go at the least busy time because five may be hard to seat and two of our party will definitely need the break. I have tried lounges in the past at various times and never been able to get a seat.

  1. Pretty sure not. I would book an early lunch to get this.

  2. It has almost always been quiet in there except in the late afternoon hours in my experience.

PS don’t *tell anyone about Nomad. Shhhhhhhh!


Lol. I know, right?! Wanted to eat there last time, but had to choose between that and Satuli and since Pandora had just opened, I went with Satuli just for full immersion.

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Sanaa breakfast is really just a quick service menu. You cannot order the bread service. There are tables setup on the side with pastries, oatmeal, and grab and go items or you can order some QS breakfast platters at the register.

Thank you. Well, I’m torn. I really wanted to try the bread service. I could take an 11:50a lunch reservation to get it, but that would put us even later into the park. The kids want to work on their Wilderness Badges, ride Kilimanjaro Safaris and Tough To Be a Bug and watch ROL, so we may not need a lot of time in AK anyway. But I have heard the breakfast platters at Sanaa are good and that there is typically a lot of animal movement to watch in the mornings.

So any thoughts on doing a Sanaa breakfast, Sanaa lunch, or save myself the trip to AK Lodge entirely and just eat the free breakfast at my hotel?

I would never go to Kidani just for breakfast. I personally think the options for a QS breakfast would be better at the Mara (Jumbo). I think with the amazing options for food at AK I would just stay in the park.

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We have mid-day tickets so we can’t actually enter the park until noon. I would like to have one meal out of the way before we arrive. But yes, I think AK has some great dining options for sure! I think we’ll just have breakfast at our hotel and skip the extra stop on our way to AK. It will give the kids more pool time and they probably wouldn’t be as stoked as I am about Boerewors anyway. :laughing:

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How was Satuli? I want to eat there, but will be going on December 1 and I’m afraid it might be crazy crowded for dinner.

I was there the week after Thanksgiving when it had only recently opened. I planned all of my meals to be outside regular meal times so it wouldn’t be overly crowded. I was able to find a table without any problem. It is like a “mess hall” plus outside seating, so there are a lot of tables. I had the beef protein with the sweet potato hash and chimichurri. I would eat there again for sure.

It is very yummy! Use mobile order. Lots of seating!

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