Food court QS meals ... with alcohol?

DH is interested in eating “atypical theme park foods” so hamburgers and chicken nuggets will not be consumed for every meal. I’ve been scouring menus and some of the various resort food courts have some very interesting fare.

I have two questions:

  1. Which food courts would you recommend for something different but still tasty?

  2. Do all of the food courts offer adult beverages as part of your quick service plan? We will be hauling our resort mugs with us so other beverages are covered.


  1. Mara or Captain Cooks
  2. I don’t know.

Sunshine Seasons is a food court, but not at a resort (so no resort mugs).

Hands down it is my favorite food court on property. HUGE variety of food and a lot of it.

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That one is already on my list for one of our EPCOT days…possibly both. It was great in 2016 and we can’t wait to go back.

Thanks! The Mara keeps looking better and better. I spotted a No Sugar Added dessert for DH!

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How could I forget those pulled pork nachos???

Or the coconut meatballs.

Or the pan asian noodles

Or the hawaiian flatbread

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I think all food courts that I have seen have the refrigerator with the bottles of beer and single services of wine. Not a giant selection, but you should be able to satisfy the “alcohol” component of the meal.


This is what Captain Cook’s looks like (per Google). Maybe a little more limited than POP.



I also recommend the Mara.

Pepper Market at Coronado Springs looks interesting.

I also like Earl of Sandwich in Disney Springs.

In Parks Satu’li Canteen is awesome, (animal kingdom).

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We recently stayed at POR and went over to POFQ for lunch. There were some different items–like gumbo and jambalaya. And, of course, the beignets–so yummy.


POFQ had a pretty interesting menu - lots of Bayou inspired creations. Captain Cook’s also tends to get rave reviews and is very good along with Mara would probably be my top 3…

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The jambalaya is so good! And obviously the beignets.

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I don’t get the love of POFQ’s food. If you live in an area where you can get real Cajun/Creole food, stay away from POFQ. You will be very disappointed. My mom is Cajun and I’ve grown up eating it as well as making it. (We had a crawfish boil this past Sunday afternoon.) The food at POFQ is a terrible imitation to include the beignets.

That is the exact meal I had there. So yummy!

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I think all QS restaurants have alcohol except those in MK

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This is exactly the reason. Most of us don’t, and it’s significantly different from most of the QS around property.


Agree completely. I can only think of one Creole restaurant in our area.
I just liked a food court had served something other than pizza, burgers and chicken nuggets.