Food Court Hours when the Parks are Open Early

Good morning all!

My family and I are traveling the December 17th-23rd and staying at POFQ. We are die-hard rope droppers, and want to continue this practice, especially as MK has 7am EMH all week (and I have heard from previous years being there for the 7am openings helps to avoid some of the crowds).

My question is this. With the parks opening at 7am, my plan was to get to the bus stop at 6am. The food court hours, however, have a 6am opening time. While I know I can make coffee in the room, is there any chance that the food court would be open earlier as the parks are opening earlier? I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this.

Thanks for your help!

I wouldn’t expect the food court to modify it’s hours to accommodate EMH.