Food budget

do you think I will spend about 100$ a day on food for me and my DS8? I’m planning to budget the money on a gift card, and just wondering how much I should put on it… I was thinking about 600$ which is 100 a day. I don’t want to buy a gift card then be stuck with a balance I won’t spend

It depends on how many meals you will eat a day TS/QS. If your doing QS that should be fine but two TS meals a day might cut it close. Try the dining calculator it will help.


I just spent that and more for just me for 4nights. But that was a lot of grownup meals and also booze.

Our family does a mix - mostly QS for breakfast (but one TS at Captain’s Grille and BOG), all QS for lunch, about 50/50 QS and TS for dinner, but no character meals and spent about $60pp/day. That was with 8 and 11 year olds, but the 11yo pretty much ate like an adult, so if it were one adult and 8yo would probably be a bit less.

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WAY too many variables to be able to make generalizations. All QS? All TS? A combination? Apps and/or deserts? Will you be sharing? Alcohol? Character meals? Everyone will be different. The only real way to work a budget is to look at menus posted on line and figure it out meal-by-meal. My “gut-level” response is if you skip CMs and signatures, and limit your alcohol, $100/day will probably be enough - or at least close.