Food Budget for 5 Night/6 Day Trip for 2 adults

Looking for any advice you have regarding what we can expect to pay for food in Disneyland. We are thinking QS Breakfast, QS lunch, TS dinner (with 1 alcoholic beverage per person). Also would like to have money for 2-3 snacks per day. What would you say is a smart flexible amount to estimate for food?

If this helps we plan to eat at the following:
Breakfast: Whitewater Snacks/Tangaroa Terrace daily. One day will be a table service breakfast at Carnation Cafe.
Lunches: Jolly Holiday, Smokejumpers Grill, Rancho del Zocalo, Flos V8
Dinners: Lamplight Lounge, Tortilla Jo’s, Steakhouse 55, Cafe Orleans

Thanks in advance!

CThe DLR website has all of the menus and pricing for all of the resort restaurants and QS options. The prices don’t change that much, so you should be able to get a good idea of what you will spend based on your preferences.

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Ballpark is $100 per adult per day. $15 per QS, $5 per snack, $20-50 for TS (this is the widest range, I’d look at menus to see what your price point will be), plus $10-15 for alcohol. Plus tax and tip…easily $100 per person per day. If you share food and snacks and pick low cost TS entrees it will be less. Character dining, more alcohol, or expensive entrees will be more.

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to keep food costs (and waistlines) down, I bring granola bars for in the room breakfasts and then eat a late breakfast in the parks, have a snack for lunch and and then an early Dinner. We usually get away with $50-$75 per person, per day.

And 2 QS, a TS and a couple snacks is a LOT of food…so you can probably pare back a bit :slight_smile:

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I agree. We always share plates of fried chicken at Plaza (we just get a couple of extra pieces ala carte and feed three of us) or I will get a kids meal.

Thanks! Our budget is going to allow us to eat in the parks/resorts for all meals, but I’m just trying to get a rough figure for the amount per day. Appreciate everyone’s help so far! This is going to be our 5 year anniversary trip.

We normally try to eat in our rental for breakfast. I then budget $15 per person for lunch and a $20 per person for dinner. These both are slightly over, and seem to absorb a soda somewhere mid day.

If you are just doing a quick service I believe $50 per person per day is completely doable.

I just go to this calculator and look for the price with no food plan. I think it gives you a good ballpark figure. :grin:

That is a great tool that I am going to use for an upcoming trip to WDW, so thank you! As for the OP, the question posed was for Disneyland, not WDW.


And I consider Disneyland “my” park!

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Thanks for the suggestion! I did see that tool as well but wasn’t sure how effective it would be in configuring Disneyland meal prices/estimations!

I agree with most of the above - with one exception… Steakhouse 55 could easily run 60-75 per person, depending on what you order. Working with posted menus, you could probably come up with a fairly accurate picture. With a little bit of math, you can also add tax and tip.

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On our trip this weekend we spent $35 at Jolly Holiday for lunch (1 adult sandwich & soup, 2 kids meals with drinks included, 2 Matterhorn Macaroons), we do get a 10% discount with our AP & my husband wasn’t with us for this meal so another adult would’ve easily added $12-$15.

We also tried Tortilla Jo’s for the first time and with 2 adults, 2 kids spent $120. Everyone had an entree & we did the table-side guacamole. Everyone had 1 non-alcoholic drink & I had 1 margarita (at a slight discount bc it was also Happy Hour).

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$100/person/day is a good middle of the road estimate. You may not be eating off the “top of the menu”, but you won’t be counting pennies if you want an extra soda or snack along the way. And as others have pointed out, many portions are quite large, so sharing is a possibility (for example, I’m a pretty big eater, but it’s a struggle to finish an entire Monte Cristo at Café Orleans…)

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Our first time eating at Cafe Orleans we tried to order one each (my husband and I) and our waitress insisted that we share one. We’re both pretty big eaters & so we were hesitant to go along, but she just kept insisting on its size & boy were we grateful after we got it that she didn’t let us order 2!

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My dining tip - when ordering a Monte Cristo, tell them no powdered sugar on top and get a side of remoulade sauce…

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Sadly just found out CO will be closed for refurb during our stay but they had us switch the reservation over to BB (not too pleased about this one).