Food budget for 5 day

Does anyone have suggestions for amount to budget for 2 adults with no TS and doing many lunches & dinners at Food & Wine Festival?
22 day and going down fast.

Our starting point is $60/person/day.

No TS could bring it down, but if you’re planning on much drinking (alcohol), that brings it right back up. Lots of small plates from festival booths is usually more expensive than a QS for lunch.

How tightly do you need to budget? Or do you just want some idea? Eating at the EPCOT festivals is a pretty big variable, especially if you plan on doing that multiple days.


Are you planning on any alcohol at the booths?

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Most definitely :tropical_drink: :beers: :wine_glass:

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Then I would say about $100 per meal for the two of you each meal at the festival.

May I ask if that’s 3 meals a day or 2?

It’s for whatever food for the day. Over most of our vacations, it’s pretty close. Some days/trips will be higher, some lower. Adults only, with drinking, is going to be higher. But adults-only we’re unlikely to have a real breakfast (basically coffee and a mid morning granola bar).

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