Food and Wine Must Eat Recommendations

Hi everyone!

I am headed to WDW this weekend (Thursday - Saturday) for the Food and Wine Festival. It’s my first time going to Food and Wine and was hoping that you could give your opinion for the must try foods in the booths and what I should save my money and stomach space on? While I was a picky eater when I was younger, at this point I’ll try anything once. Thanks in advance for your recommendatios!

I’d like to get some recommendations too. I’ll be there in 9 days!

That really comes down to personal preference and budget. Some people love BoG, I hate it. Some people hate Biergarten, I love it. So what one person loves you may not. One notable exception that shows up year after year and almost always gets rave reviews is the filet and soup at the Canada booth.

Here’s a handy link to keep on your phone so you can quickly browse any of the menus.

Here are a couple of our favorites this year:

Ricotta and zucchini ravioli at The Chew Collective was my daughter’s favorite.

Heirloom tomato salad at Greenhouse Guru was great. Their duck confit was meh to me.

Pescado con Coco (seared grouper) at Islands of the Caribbean was very good but we weren’t fans of the Jamaican beef patty.

At Patagonia we love the Grilled beef skewer and the roasted Verlasso salmon.

My daughter liked the Black Pepper Shrimp in China and she loved the Korean style BBQ beef in South Korea. She ate there twice!

The crispy pork belly and the Pao de Queijo are amazing at Brazil!

The lamb stew in Scotland was a hit with us.

We had the filet in Canada last year and it was very good.

I wasn’t impressed with the seafood fishermans pie in Ireland, the beer braised beef in Belgium, or the pork tenderloin at Wine & Dine Studio.

As @Outer1 said, it’s all about your personal tastes but those were some of our hits and misses. Hope you enjoy F&W!


Thanks for the link, I have already gone through the menus and started picking out some of the things I want to try. Although this is my first time at Food and Wine, I’ve been planning for it for months. I just wanted to see what others experiences have been and if there’s something that is on my “maybe” list that I really can pass on, or should try. Thanks for your input.

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Thank you! I have a few of these on my list and it’s good to know what you thought. I was already planning on doing the Pao de Queijo, though I will admit I’m a little nervous about it because I spent some time in Brazil a few years ago and loved it there. I’m a little worried that it won’t stand up to my memory, but I’m definitely planning on trying it.

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Ah, good point. I’ve never been to Brazil but for me, bread + cheese = :smile:

I’m hoping to try the escargot in France, the Kaluah pork slider in Hawaii, the seared venison in NZ, and the lamb chop in Australia when I return soon. Please report back on what you tried and your thoughts!

Ohhh at Texas de Brazil they have these little biscuits filled with a hunk of mozzarella cheese and they just keep refilling that little basket lol.

We want to try the pineapple wine and those sliders in Hawaii. You can have my snails though… I just can’t.

I agree bread + cheese = a little slice of heaven :smiley: I will definitely report back once I’ve started eating my way around the world tomorrow!. I’m also probably going to pass on the escargot, I’ve also had amazing escargot (in France) but I’ve been exposed to horrible escargot too, so I tend to be a little hesitant unless I’ve had a recommendation from someone who has actually tried it! I plan on trying the Kaluah pork slider, and the Korean style BBQ beef with the Kimchi, and the lamb stew in Scotland. And I will probably try everything at the chocolate studio, LOL. I’m currently planning on starting each of my 3 days at Epcot, so that I can do lunch at a few booths each day. We’ll see how it goes!

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I agree with @Outer1 about tastes and preferences, but since @Jadesfire21 asked, the standout items this year IMO were:
Craft beers- Shipyard Midnight Snack Milk Stout
Chocolate Studio- Liquid Nitro Chocolate Almond Truffle with Warm Whiskey Caramel
Islands of the Caribbean- Pescado con Coco: Seared Grouper, Pigeon Peas and Rice with Coconut Sauce
Patagonia- Grilled Beef Skewer with Chimichurri Sauce and Boniato Purée
Poland- Frozen Szarlotka Apple Pie featuring Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka
Italy- Frozen Margarita with Limoncello and Tequila
Hops & Barley- Dogfish Head Chicory Stout
Ireland- Warm Chocolate Pudding with Irish Cream Liqueur Custard
Canada- Canadian cheddar cheese soup served with a pretzel roll

This was my second year going to F&W and I had a great time. I spread my group’s visits to EPCOT over several days going there primarily for lunch. I split the park into sections and visited a different section each day. I avoided weekend visits based on all of the warnings about crowds and drunken shenanigans.

Enjoy your trip

The pineapple wine looks good. I didn’t even bother mentioning all the drinks I’ve had, or want!

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The Frozen apple pie in Poland is on my list!

Just wanted to give a quick update - I had a great trip, but not nearly enough time to try everything I wanted to! I hope to get my trip report with food pictures and my opinions up in the next few days now that I’m done with my long days at work.