Food and Wine Festival 2021 Starts July 15

Great news for people who love it. Sadly, I’m not in that category and my vacation starts on July 14. And I planned for Saturday to be my Epcot day.

Back to the drawing board.

I saw this and thought, this is how they are trying to recoup some funds. Festivals originally were planned and occurred in the “down” times, when crowds were lower. Obviously with 35% capacity (right now, that may change) the crowds are lower all the time. This may explain why there are so few days between festivals right now. It’s a little crazy and if it doesn’t go back to "normal’ as the rest of operations turns back to normal I wonder at what point we quit calling them festivals and just recognize them as food and entertainment schedules that change quarterly (or so).


I was wondering if they would do this- thanks!

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This thread needs an update! They released the booth info and some other info about F&W today. I am so excited for this! (EDIT: Apologies for the jacked up formatting)

New booths!

*Brew-Wing at the Epcot Experience – NEW! — *“Explore an array of crowd-pleasing picks like chicken wings and flatbreads—along with assorted beers and ciders.”

*Rotunda Bistro – NEW! —
“Nosh on tasty cuisine featuring fresh seafood and produce in the American Adventure Pavilion.”

  • The Swanky Saucy Swine – NEW! — *“Try out tantalizing pork dishes along with wine, beer or a cocktail.”

  • The Noodle Exchange – NEW! —“Savor the flavors of the Far East served up in delicious noodle dishes.”

  • Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina – NEW! — *“Treat your senses to traditional Moroccan cuisine, like grilled kebabs and a falafel pita.”

These new booths open Oct 1!

*Kenya – NEW! Opening October 1 — *“Set off on a safari of flavor as you enjoy traditional Kenyan food and beer.”
  • Lobster Landing – NEW! Opening October 1 — “Get a taste of New England as you indulge in luscious lobster creations.”

  • Mac & Eats – NEW! Opening October 1 —“Discover macaroni-and-cheese combos your mom never imagined!”


I am so bummed the Brazil booth isn’t opening on the 15th. That’s always one of my favorite booths.

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