Food and Wine Festival 2016 Booth Locations

I only have a half day to spend at Epcot so I want to plan carefully. Is there a map of the booth locations? I’ll be coming in from the World Showcase entrance on a Monday late afternoon 3ish (hopefully- I am visiting my mom in assisted living 1 1/2 away and I am stopping by Epcot before flying home to VA the next day.) Need to make the most of my time and appetite. Thank you in advance.

Try this link. I’m working on the same thing. It looks like there are a whole lot of booths concentrated at the entrances to WS from the future world area, like between Mexico and Canada. What is that area called, world showcase plaza?

Thank you! This is very helpful.

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The phone app called “WDW food&wine” has a map view and a way to make a wishlist of items you want to try that then shows in the map as different colored pins. I’m finding it very helpful.

That sounds fun. I’ll have to check out the app.

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