Food and wine booths

During food and wine, this may also go for F&G, if the park closes at 9 but has extra magic hours till 11, are the booths open till 11? Or do they close down? Still trying to figure out some days for sept.

The booths close at 9, sadly.

Although, there was a premium package offered last year for F&W. Limited kiosks were open just for the event which lasted from park close to 3am and had music and dancers and other entertainment. It was pretty awesome.

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@DarthDopey sounds good… How much do they charge you for that?!

It was $199 IIRC. But you also got 6 tickets to use toward booze or food. I got the max value for mine. Let’s just say that. I was solo and had a great time. But if you have a friend, it could be more fun.

ETA: you also got into special areas reserved for premium package guests where CMs brought you the food from the kiosks (no waiting in line!!). That there was HUGE!!

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What does IIRc mean

If I recall correctly

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Aaahhhh! Lol

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