Food and wine 2019

We will be in epcot during food and wine this year, but so far we do not have any dining reservations. Are we still able to enjoy any of the festival or should we book something/anything?

There will be dozens of food stands with snack size servings of foods all over the park that don’t require any kind of reservation. You’ll be able to sample all the food and drinks you can handle.

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Is this like pay as you go?

yes. Probably $5-9 per item.

Nice! That’s exciting! Thank you!

There are other food/wine seminars toy can participate in if you get reservations. I think they are all paid add-ons. I’ve never done them, but you can definitely spend a lot of time just walking around a sampling from the booths throughout the park.

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DFB always puts out a guide for Food and Wine and it will have suggestions for some of the best things to try. Also I suggest you download the WDW Food & Wine app. It can be used for Food and Wine festival or Flower and Garden. Also Disney Tourist Blog has this:


Def looking into this

F&W is great. As stated it’s about a dozen food carts that are open to everyone, just like any snack or drink stand anywhere at WDW. It’s not a extra paid event. (Although if you “eat your way around the world” you’ll probably spend about as much!)

The portions are pretty good and I’ve had to skip a dinner ADR after eating all day.

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There is also an app:

Right now it will be loaded with Flower and Garden info but will change to food and wine most likely in August.

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Are the food stands better at the Food and Wine Festival than at the Flower and Garden? We visited about 3 weeks ago, and I wasn’t impressed with the offerings. I had done my research with all the WDW foodie blog videos, but the food and drinks were just so so. I almost gagged on the orange slush in the cute little bird shaped container (near Canada). It wasn’t a slush; it had the consistency of a creamsicle, and it got warm in a few mins. Just wondering if the food/drink offerings are better at F&W???

I haven’t been for F&G, but when i looked it up it seemed like there were a lot fewer booths. F&W had some really goods choices. Some are small servings of things available at Epcot restaurants and others are only available during the festival. If you check out some of the online reviews there are good pictures and descriptions of the offerings.

I only drank beer and wine, didn’t try any other beverages. If they have the pomegranate beer, i recommend it, especially on a hot day.

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We loved the food booths at the International Festival of the Holidays last year, especially the booth near Canada. It was the 1st Epcot festival that we attended. We were there all day and only ate at the food booths. Used DFB to have a preview of menus. thought that I read that there would be 30 booths for F&W this year. So looking forward to it.

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A lot better in my opinion - there are a lot more booths and they serve a greater variety of food, although some popular dishes return every year. DH still raves about one of the scallop dishes he had, and DD would probably eat the lobster roll every day if she could. :slight_smile:

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I agree about the slushy. I was glad I asked for one not in the bird cup. My son said it reminded him of flavored medicine when he was little.

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So true…It reminded me of the pink liquid antibiotic I used to force feed my poor DD when she was a toddler. I so wanted a nice cold orange slushy drink to cool me off from the mid afternoon heat and humidity. Oh well, at least I have the sweet orange birdy cup on my shelf above my sink next to my Tiki glasses.