Food allergies

Does anyone have experience dining with a ddp and having food allergies? My DD has multiple food allergies (one being garlic which is commonly used in cooking MANY dishes) Everything I read says Disney is great with allergies but with her 7 allergies are our meals going to take much longer? How long should I allocate in my tp’s for both TS and QS meals?

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When you make your reservation, there’s an option in the ADR for table service to indicate allergies - that will get it registered in the DIS system. That’s ideal - I didn’t always remember to do that as it’s an extra step, but just mention allergies to the host when being seated and they’ll make sure a chef comes out to visit to walk you through what’s acceptable.

At buffets, a chef would come out and walk my son thru the buffet covering what’s 100% acceptable and what might have issues. At some places they would specially prepare to ensure no cross contamination.

My son has a peanut allergy which is somewhat common and relatively simple to say what has nuts or not, but DIS is great about going the extra mile to ensure allergies are dealt with. Overall, our TS dining didn’t really take much longer - maybe 5 minutes or so for the chef to walk us thru a buffet or something, but that’s about it.

QS is a little tougher - for us it was fairly obvious if there was a nut issue & typically we were just asking about desserts. Multiple allergies on an entree might be tougher to get info on when ordering, but at least at resort QS we often had a chef come out to talk to us when inquiring about a specific dessert.

My Wife can’t have garlic also only for her it is a migraine trigger along with onions. We have eaten at many WDW restaurants and it has not been a problem.

Disney is a wonderful place to go if you have food allergies. My son is allergic to eggs. We marked the box when we set up our meals but we also told the ester when we first arrived at the restaurant! Most the time they knew but we wanted to make sure. The chef would come out and personal tell him what he could eat and what to avoid. If it was a buffet, he would walk him around the buffet and if there was anything special he wanted they would make it for him without eggs. If there was no desserts than try would make him his own special one! My son loved it! My daughters were even jealous at times!

Thanks for your responses, I have already made my ADRs and have input her allergies in the system. I am happy to hear that it shouldn’t prolong our meals! Her allergies include: garlic, eggs, peanuts, treenuts, fish and shellfish, all of which will give her hives, an upset stomach and could potentially lead to anaphalysis. Eating out at restaurants can be difficult for us to find her lots of variety so I’m excited to see how accommodating Disney will be to her!

My daughter loves going to Disney as even with food allergies she can eat well. Disney is set up to handle the top 8 allergens very easily.

For my daughters allergies, of which one is not a top 8 allergen, we planned for extra time for our meals. With different types of restaurants we had to deal with them differently. And since she has an allergy not in the top 8, we had to take extra time to look at food for her.

For counter service, we would have to wait to talk to a manager personally, they would show us the book of ingredients and talk to us about how the food was prepared. This took a while since the cast member was busy with other patrons. (We eat at non-peak times.) Then we would have to wait longer for our food as it was prepared in a different area, and prepared when we ordered rather than already made.

For table service and buffets I normally did not feel it took any longer for her food. However, at some buffets it depended on our timing in talking to the chef. We ended up taking longer than other patrons at these restaurants. But I would say only 15 to 20 minutes more, not a significant time. And it may be that my daughter would get food sent directly to the table that slowed us down. With multiple food allergies, we preferred not eating off a buffet.

Hope this helps!

thanks so much! I am most nervous about the quick service aspect so this helped a lot!