FOMOm's no-longer-live family trip report! 2/29-3/8

Guys, I was gonna wait til we got back, but we have had some fantastic times so far and I had to share! We have waited no longer than 10m for anything, rode FOP twice, and my son rode Everest 7x (I maxed out at 3). We rode 7DMT 2x before park open this am and were out of the park and back to poly by 1030. We have FPed BTMR, splash, PoC, space, buzz, tea cups, ariel, pooh, dumbo, kilimanjaro, EE, FOPx2, dinosaur, meet mickey at town square. Walked on ITTBAB, tiki, iasw, EE at nightx5. And we have only been in the parks a total of 16.5 hours. Lots of rider swap time and a couple ADRs along w fantastic QS at satuli. My husband was reaching peak “I hate this” yesterday afternoon so I took him to the Sacred Space and he immediately felt better. At the end of the day he said it was the best day ever and that I should be a travel agent.
We have fantastic photopass pics but I cant remove the watermark until my share activates Monday, so will save those for later. A few snapshots for now. Will do a proper report next week but will likely post updates from our rotr attempts tmw and sat.



Finally, the dessert party! We are sitting in the garden wayyyy too early but are too tired to do anything else. Against the back fence per liner recommendations.


I’m hoping that giant pink wedge is cantaloupe vs under-grilled salmon!


Lol under ripe watermelon! I had low expectations for the dessert party but was pleasantly surprised! Or very hungry lol


The signs for the resort launches were all messed up and we ended up in the bus crowd and then the uber crowd before finding the right spot. Poor signage for sure and we weren’t the only ones. Should’ve just taken the ferry to the ttc anyway and walked to poly as we are on that side of the resort, but overall in bed an hour after the show ended, so not the worst.


that snow white! love it. hope the trip continues to go well!

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Great pictures! Snow White is adorable - she is my DD3’s favorite princess too! And your son looks quite satisfied with his desserts! Hope your trip continues to be fantastic!

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In the uber on the way to HS a little late, but no bags or stroller today, so hoping we are fine. Lyft has been really hit or miss. We waited 5 of the 8 minutes for our ride and then got transferred to a driver 15m away. Got an uber in 3m. We use lyft because we get Lyft pink free through our credit card but man. It hasnt been great.

Tapped in by 730! Line for mmrr is already 2 hrs

No luck. BBG 85.

At least you got a boarding group. Yay!

And we got on!! We had to cancel our 4pm couples massage at GF, but you can get a massage anywhere. Absolutely the right decision as the ride was UNREAL. Called at 335, in line at 335 and off by 420. I think my husband is now officially a disney fan.


Now to victoria and alberts!!!

That’s awesome! I hope my DH has the same reaction, as he’s not a Disney fan. Have a nice dinner!

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“I never thought I would say this, but we should do this every year.”






Well, the plan this morning was to try for another boarding group, but hubs is still snoozing while kids and I watch puppy dog pals in the lobby. We have fpp starting at 830, but I’m not optimistic about that first one. It’s just as2. We were in v&a almost 4 hours last night. It was totally insane. I’m ruined on food forever lol. Pics to come!


What a great trip report so far!!! Looks like fun!

Made it w 8m to spare!