Flying with the little ones... what documents are needed for them?

What documentation, if any, do you all bring for your kids when flying? This is their first flight and therefore my first time taking kids on a flight so I am not sure what is needed. Just don’t want to be turned away because I dont have their birth certificate with me or some other silly requirement.

I’ve never brought any documentation. We fly maybe 5 times a year as a family, all within the US, and have never needed anything. They ask my kids their name and age when we get up to TSA, but that’s it. You should be fine. Some people bring birth certificates just in case, but we never have.

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I also do not bring any documentation for my kids, DS7 and DD5, unless flying internationally of course. If you have a lap child, they may ask for age verification if any question- I used to carry a birth certificate for me for that reason.

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Only adult passengers over 18 are required to have ID at the TSA checkpoint

However, your airline may require some form of ID/proof of age, especially if you are getting a reduced child fare, so check with them.