Flying Southwest out of Newark with children

I booked flights for our October trip with Southwest flying out of Newark. This is the first time I am flying Southwest, as we usually fly Jet Blue, but the southwest flights were 100 cheaper a person.

I am a little nervous since I am flying with my 7 year old twins, who would not be okay sitting apart from me or my mother, who is also flying with us.

I did purchase EBCI for both flights. Each Flight is a nonstop from Newark to MCO and from MCO to Newark.

I thought we should be okay with the EBCI, but now I am worried because it seems out flight out of Newark is first coming from Indiana and any of those passenagers who are flying through to MCO, do not have to get off the plane.

Do you think we will still be able to find seats together, even if its two and two? Our flight to orlando is on a Wednesday afternoon around 4:25pm

I think you should be fine buying the Early Bird boarding especially with two adults. Plus most reasonable people will move seats so that no child is sitting alone. If for some odd reason you can’t find two seats together, sit your child down and hand the person sitting next to them the flight sickness bag telling them “he always seems to get sick right after drink service, so please help him catch as much as you can before it splashes off the tray table”.



lol, I will have to remember that…:laughing:__

Seriously, I doubt you’ll have any trouble finding 2 pairs of seats. Most people are very accommodating.

I’ve only had one flight were one of my sons had to fly with two strangers. We were very late getting to gate (paging our names late) and I sat with my 9 yr old son, my wife sat with my 2yr old son and my 7 year old son sat between two very nice women. We had no time to even ask people to move as they shut the plane door behind us and pulled away from the gate before we were even seated. A bit stressful but we managed and he was fine. He made two new friends.
Remember…this only happened because we were really really late.

Thanks, I’m sure I’m stressing for no reason and it will end up working out.

You’ll be fine. They’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t miss your EB time (I’ve done that) then getting, at the very least, 2 seats and 2 seats should not be a problem unless it’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or Christmas or some other begining of the school holiday day. Keep in mind that while passengers coming from IN and flying through to MCO won’t have to get off, you’re not talking about a little airport that nobody ever flies to… a fair number of the people on the plane will likely be NY/NJ-bound and will get off.

If you’ve never traveled on Southwest there is no other airline like it. They actually care about the customers and are really easy to deal with. As long as you check in exactly 24 hours early and/or you board during Family boarding(technically your child is older than the max ago of 6), I’m pretty sure you’ll get seats together. We are using Southwest in Dec and really looking forward to it.