Flying Philly to Orlando

Anyone have any strategies for getting good fares from Philly to Orlando?

I need nonstop, so it seems my choices are limited to Southwest and American. I think Frontier does them, but I don’t know anything about that airline, but I’ve heard bad things and told to stay away from them.

Any advice anyone can offer me? My trip is end of May 2016.


Try setting up alerts for when prices drop on sites like Just keep in mind they may start to go up soon, I think somewhere around 60 days out from your trip is when they’ll be the lowest. I’ve always flown southwest, and found them to have the cheapest flights and NO BAG FEES! Their boarding process can be a little hectic if you have a large group, but if you’re a family with young kids I think you can request to board as one of the first groups so you don’t get split up. I also just downloaded an app called hopper flights that tracks prices for you, but my trip isn’t until Sept so I haven’t experienced what it does with a price change yet.


I don’t know if Southwest participates in big sites like Kayak, but they have their own way of keeping you in the loop, I think it’s called Ding! I do all of this, but constantly find Southwest to be the best value, and the service is pretty good. That being said, I’m also not far from the Trenton airport (TTN). Frontier is the only carrier at TTN, and they only do 1 or 2 flights a day to Orlando, but sometimes you can get amazing deals, like $40 each way. The airport is tiny and security takes like 5 minutes. But then tack on the ridiculous fees for all baggage (pay more for carryons). Yes, they’re pretty bare bones. On one flight, they ran out of water. I don’t mean bottled, I mean in the tanks. Like, you couldn’t wash your hands in the bathroom. But if you’re feeling adventurous and can pack REALLY lightly, you can get a bargain. I flew once with a backpack for a 3 night cruise. The backpack was within the “personal item” limits: 8 inches x 14" x 18", including straps and rollers - no charge.


I’ve taken Frontier on this route twice in the last 6 months and will take them again in a couple weeks. I do not hesitate to recommend them but encourage you to be aware of the extras. Carry on and checked bags. No free drinks or snacks. They will also encourage you to reserve a seat in advance for a fee. Otherwise, seats are assigned at checkin for free. Traveling with 2 young kids, i have never paid and always been seated together (although I do make sure to check in 24 hours in advance). Although they are no frills, i have not had any more issues then when flying any other airline.


I’ve had the same experience with Frontier. If it comes out cheaper, I will go with them.

Does it have to be Orlando (MCO)? I am currently planning a trip and have found that flying to Sanford and then getting transportation to Disney is still cheaper than flying to MCO.

I am flying for Frontier. I also used the works.

Frontier is going to MCO

I am flying out of Philly to MCO next month with Frontier, they were the cheapest. I pad 551 for 4 of us, thAt included 3 bags, the bAgs cost more than the tickets, ridiculous! But it was cheaper than any other