Flying out of Buffalo close to inauguration

First off I don’t want this to turn into anything political. I just want to know if anyone has any experience with going through security at airports the few days leading up to the inauguration? We fly out of Buffalo on January 17th and I’m a bit worried that the security level will be raised and it will make for longer waits in the airport. I’m also crossing the border from Canada to the U.S. prior to flying out on January 16th. Do you think think there will be longer waits there as well? Any insight would be appreciated.

From my experience at BUF, the security lines never get very long. I understand your concern though about the timing. If your flight is during a typically busy time of day then I may tack on some extra time, maybe a half hour. Otherwise, I would think you will be just fine. Probably double check all of your carry on bags to make sure there are no oversized liquids or anything else you shouldn’t have on the plane. Good luck, enjoy the trip.

Not sure if it’s comparable, but DH was flying out of Laguardia on election day. He said there were soldiers with M16s stationed there, at the ready. It’s possible that security in that form may be heightened on the day of power transition. But maybe not. Maybe that’s an exception.