Flying into Sanford - Need Transportation Options/Advice to Disney

Regrettably I booked our (2 of us) Jan flight into Sanford, not knowing about the Orlando Magic Bus thing. I can NOT cancel as the fees are way too high. I have spent more time than needed trying to find the best and most affordable way to get to Ft Wilderness and back to Sanford. I have looked at the following;

  1. Rental car - 1 day rentals both ways, but was kinda expensive and would have to pay gas and tolls plus the hassle of picking up and returning the vehicle 4 times.
  2. Shuttle - It seems like most the shuttle services (Please advise if there is a better one) are going to cost around $125-$150 round-trip. That seems really high.
  3. Uber or Lyft - This seemed like the best option. Pricing seems to be about $50-$60 each way. I would not have to pay gas or tolls and like the idea of direct drop off and pick up.
  4. Looked at getting a Lyft or Uber to Orlando airport and then jumping on Magic Express bus - The ride would be about $40 and then the extra time at another airport.

Does anyone have any better ideas that I missed or options to consider? Has anyone taken the Lyft or Uber from Sanford and can give some advice? Are there discount gift cards for Uber or Lyft? I know I made a mistake flying into Sanford but am really trying to make the best out of a bad decision. Thank you for reading thru my mental planning rant! Thank you.

Sorry, this won’t help you, but should give a point for comparison. I’ve used Tiffany Towncars on my last 2 trips through MCO. For a pickup at Sanford (roundtrip, so arrival and departure days), costs $225. The price through MCO is $135-$170 depending on what vehicle you need.

With only 2 of you, a shuttle may very well be the best price, but obviously you lose the convenience and comfort of having your own personal transport that leaves when you want.

Depending on the cancellation policies for the shuttle, you might find a deal on rental cars once you get closer to the date you are travelling. They usually start out high and then get cheaper close to travel dates if they have a lot of cars available.

I would go the Uber/Lyft route IMO. Quick pickup and the drive from there is not bad. Just roll with it and get the ride share.

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I agree. I thought it would be more expensive, but I just checked and it was $55.

Just don’t forget that pricing does change a bit based on time of day/demand

I am new to the Uber / Lyft. What is “Ride Share” is that cheaper? I have been doing the gift card thing to save on this trip but have not found any deals for Uber /Lyft gift cards. Is that a thing? Also thank you to everyone for helping me out on this!

Sorry, ride share is the generic term for Lyft/Uber. It is one in the same.

If you have not done it yet, you can usually get a sign up bonus. PM me if you want a referral code.