Flower and Garden, Villains, a Pirate Ship Wreck, and [Insert Your Advice Here]

Hi friends,

I need your expert advice.

Here are the facts: We (DH and myself) are flying in for an eight-day trip on a red-eye flight (ugh) that lands early in the morning on May 28th (land at MCO at 5:28 AM). Unfortunately, we either lose a day traveling or have a red-eye flight because of the time change from the West Coast. Normally, we time this for a ME to CSR, then an AM EMH at MK with lunch at BOG. Then head back to CSR to sleep from 1:00 pm- 7:00 pm’ish. Both times we have done this we have gone to a park in the evening. By day 2, we are recovered and ready for a week of Disney magic.

Here is my dilemma: I planned my days and have ADRs, but there is a Villans After Hours that is calling my name.

May 28 - This is one of the last days for Flower and Garden (which we have never been able to visit before), so initially I was planning to spend the day at Epcot snacking. Plus EP has EMH this morning, so we won’t have to wait around CSR forever in the morning. Then, spend the evening at MK (w/ an ADR at BOG).

May 29 - I was thinking RD HS for RotR and to check out TSL. (We usually do one big trip to WDW a year, but last year we went to Ireland instead, so neither of us has seen TSL). Then, dinner at EP F&G.

HOWEVER, I learned a few minutes ago that MK is having Villians After Hours on May 29. I think it’s probably too much to come off a red-eye, then RD HS that morning (keep in mind 6:30 am in Orlando is 3:30 am at home) and plan to stay up for After Hours from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

I was planning May 30 RD at MK then May 31 late start at Typhoon Lagoon. It seems like I need to rework my whole trip plan. :worried: My question is: How would you work those first three days?

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