Flower and Garden Trip Report (and many other firsts)

Who: DH and me

Where: POR

When: May 3rd to May 8th

The point of this trip was to go during Epcot’s Flower and Garden festival. We have never been and I remember seeing pictures from people’s trip reports last year and knew I needed to see it!

Originally, I planned the trip for May 4th to May 8th but then it dawned on me that May 4th is Star Wars day and DH is huge Star Wars fan so I rebooked the trip to arrive the evening on May 3rd so that we could be at HS on the 4th in case there was anything special happening. Of course, then I realized this was a Saturday and HS would probably be a madhouse. I tried to book the Star Wars guided tour but of course, it was booked (I didn’t think to do this until mid-Feb). But, I was able to book the tour for May 7th. Not exactly the same but I was hoping to avoid HS on the 4th! Then they announced DAH at HS on May 4th with some special things for Star Wars so I jumped on that and we were all set. Then, in looking at my plans, I realized I didn’t have us doing much at Epcot - the whole point of the trip originally! So, I signed up for the Gardens of the World tour and felt pretty good about spending enough time at the festival.

I was really looking forward to enjoying some good weather and lower crowds so my countdown began. Despite weather and ride issues, this was a great trip filled with lots of firsts. One reason I love this place is that no matter how many times I have been, there is always something new to do.

Day 1
Our flight was scheduled to leave at 4:50pm and arriving at 7:05pm. My original plan was to check into the hotel, take the boat to Disney Springs, activate our APs (first time AP holders!!! So Excited), and have a laid back night before our first day at Epcot and DAH at HS.
But…all afternoon, I kept thinking how sad I was that my tradition of going to MK as our first park would not be happening. So….after checking MDE and seeing that MK was open until 11pm that night, I checked to see if there were any FP available and scooped up one for PPT and one for TMAWtP!! I was so excited and the plan was now set to head to MK after dropping our bags at POR. Since our flight was arriving later in the evening, we didn’t tag our bags to the hotel so we decided we would pick them up at baggage claim and take a Lyft to the hotel. We had gotten our room ready text and we were right next to the West Depot (super close to the bus stop). Our flight arrived late and by the time we got our bags and got our Lyft, it was already 8:00pm. The Lyft driver dropped us off right in front of our building so we saved some time by not having to go to the front desk and walk all the way to our building. We got super lucky and saw that a bus to MK was arriving at 8:41 (it was now 8:35) so we took a few quick pictures of the room (first time staying at POR, loved it) and hustled to the bus stop, sans bags since we would only be in the park for a short time.

The bus pulled up and I was beyond excited to be heading to my happy place. I picked a building near West Depot in the hopes of not getting a full bus during the mornings heading to the parks (I had read instances of buses arriving full if you were at one of the later stops). I quickly realized that being at the West Depot had its advantages for early morning, busier times, it lost some advantage if heading out during non-busy times or if we were trying to get somewhere quickly. We had to endure all of the other stops before arriving at MK at 9:05 just as HEA fireworks were starting.

The line for Guest Services was long and slow so I was starting to worry that we would miss our 9:10 FP+ for PPF. Plus, I wanted a dole whip so needed to factor that in before they closed at 10. I mobile ordered and crossed my fingers. After about 30 min we were, officially, first-time AP holders!!

We race walked into the park to be met with this glorious view, my heart was happy.

We made it to Aloha Isle just before they closed and got a dole whip and hei hei cone. DH loved the hei hei cone and the raspberry flavor.

We made it in time to tap in at PPF by 10:10pm. This is a must do ride for me, one of the classics.

Next, we walked on to IASW, another must do for me. The nostalgia these two rides bring back from my childhood is overwhelming (in a good way). I don’t think DH gets it but he humors me. As a side note, prior to this trip, we ditched our iPhones and got the Samsung Galaxy s10 and were anxious to try out the camera. We were so happy with the decision - the colors and quality of the pictures are so much better than our iPhone (and we had the most current iPhone). So we took a ton of pictures throughout the trip just because we loved the quality of the pictures so much!

I really wanted to do the photopass shot by the Tangled lanterns but the line was soo long. So we kept heading to Winnie the Pooh.

When we got to the tapstyles, we were told the ride was down. Not a big deal, although I do love the ride, it wasn’t necessarily a must do. So we headed over to Tomorrowland.

We grabbed some dinner at Cosmic Ray’s. The park was fairly empty and I just love MK at night without a lot of people. It is so magical. We took our time walking around, enjoying the lights, the music, and the atmosphere.

Next up was Peoplemover, we were the last people to ride as it was now approaching 11pm. After Peoplemover, we headed back to the hub via Fantasyland (I love it at night) and happened upon a photopass photographer outside of the tea cups. This was the first time we had done this shot, again, just love all of the colors! The only downside of a spontaneous visit to MK is no Mickey shirts :frowning:

We took some time and walked around all of the bronze statues around the hub, taking some pictures along the way. This is one of those things we always seem to skip because we are in such a hurry to get to the next ride…but tonight we slowed down and took it all in.

We stayed for the Kiss Goodnight (the first time I had seen it in a long time) and got some great pictures on a nearly empty main street.

We stopped by the Confectionary, got Mickey’s celebration cupcake and headed out for the night right around midnight. A bus was waiting and we were back in the room by 12:20 and logged 11,000 for our evening. It was the absolutely perfect (unplanned) start to our vacation!

Epcot Flower and Garden and HS DAH for May 4th is up next


Was your room in Alligator Bayou? That is a renovated room? Thanks for the report!

Yes, Alligator Bayou and it was renovated, we loved it! It was a long walk to the front of the resort after a long day at the parks but loved being the first off at night and first pick up in the morning :slight_smile:

Thanks! Your pictures are some of the best I have found of those rooms! I can’t wait to see if the Magnolia Bend rooms are the same.

Love, love, love all of the night shots! There is something special about fantasyland for me as well. Thanks for sharing!

So fun! I can’t read to read more!

Day 2
Warning: LOTS of Pictures!!!

We got to sleep in a little this morning since our first FP+ wasn’t until 10:05 am. Sadly, I woke up early so decided to go explore the resort, buy our refillable mugs and bring breakfast back to the room.

View from our room (3552 - AB building 35, second-floor room).

To say that POR is a large resort is an understatement. When we arrived last night, it was dark and we were dropped off right at our building so I wasn’t entirely sure how to get to the main lobby area. And of course, I got lost. Really lost. I ended up in the Magnolia Bend section and decided to try to use Google maps to find the front desk. But, it led me to a parking lot of one of the MB areas. It took me a while to eventually find the lobby but I was able to get some great pictures of the grounds as I wandered aimlessly :slight_smile:

After a nice breakfast of Mickey Waffles (and finding my way back to the room) we headed back to the main building to catch the bus to Epcot. By now, it was around 10:30 and there was no Epcot bus pick up at the west depot. I did notice on the walk on the main path, AB building 27 is currently undergoing the room renovations.
We caught the bus and arrived at Epcot around 10:45 and got an alert that Journey Into Imagination (our first FP) was down so we got an anytime FP. I was super happy to head into the park using the Passholder Entrance!!

We grabbed our passport booklet and set off for Soarin (our second FP+). I love the monorail and was happy to snag a quick picture of the flowers and monorail Yellow.

Just outside of the entry to the Land pavilion was this interesting sculpture of a penguin made entirely of trash and things that should have/could have been recycled but that weren’t.

Soarin was great. We didn’t ask for B1, we wanted to see where we ended up and we were in C2 but on the very far end. It really wasn’t too bad except for the Eiffel Tower. The rest was still fine, we enjoy the ride so much that we are fine to sit in different sections every once and awhile.

Since we were in the land pavilion, I wanted to grab a cupcake at Sunshine Seasons. When we were there in December, I had an awesome PB&J cupcake so I wanted to see if they still had one. Sadly they did not but I did try the seasonal cupcake, it was cute but just tasted OK. The Oreo Mousse cupcake was also good.

After that bit of fortification, we headed to SE for our third FP+. We skipped this ride when we were there in December so I was glad to ride it this time, I know it can be a bit boring for some, but I enjoy it.

Despite having picked up an anytime FP due to Imagination being down, we had a heck of a time accessing MDE all day. Since we were really here for F&G, we just gave up on trying to ride anything else. We headed to the Odyssey because there was a Garden Party I wanted to attend.

On the walk over, we checked out more topiaries and picked up our Passholder Magnets and a few other things from Mouse Gears. We had all of our purchases sent back to the room - so nice to not have to lug bags around all day!

This was delicious! It was a carrot cake on the bottom, a cheesecake filling and a home filled with whipped cream. We spent an hour waiting for Minnie but it was worth it to get a cute pic with her (Not sure DH agreed but he was a good sport).

More stunning views of the flowers:

It was getting pretty hot, I think the heat index was in the high 80’s so it was definitely time for a refreshment break. I tried the Frozen Violet Lemonade and it was very refreshing. DH got a dole whip.

Next on my food list was The Citrus Blossom - I needed the orange bird sipper cup! I also got the lobster tail. The lobster was good and if you were on the dining plan, it would be a great use of a credit. We were not on the dining plan but I didn’t regret getting it, it was tasty. As I was in line, it started to sprinkle and Dark Skies was showing some pretty heavy downpours on their way. I wolfed down the lobster and headed to the next booth which was close by.

Northern Bloom had a trio of winners for us: Seared Scallops, Beef Tenderloin Tips, and Griddled Maple Pound Cake. We found a table, the winds picked up and the rain POURED down.

We headed to the Canada Pavilion - I haven’t seen O Canada in a long time and it was on the list so now seemed like a great time! Despite the rain, the area was beautiful.

We only had to wait about 5 minutes and were led into the theater. The show started and within 2 minutes (no joke) it stopped and we were told there were technical difficulties and they didn’t know when they would be fixed, please exit the theater. That was disappointing and would be a common theme during our trip. But, the rain was lighter so we continued our trek around world showcase. More topiaries!

Winnie the Pooh and Gang - my favorites!

Also loved seeing Kermit - my heart was so full this day!

This little stretch of the World Showcase had some amazing topiaries.

Next on the food list was Taste of Marrakesh in Morocco. I got the Harissa Chicken Kabob and Baklava. The chicken was good, great flavor but not spicy at all. The couscous was cold, which I wasn’t expecting but it was tasty.

We continued around world showcase but I was so full, I called it a day with the food. DH is not an adventurous eater, at all, so it would have been nice to have been able to share all of this food but he wasn’t interested in trying much. The only place he was remotely interested in was the America pavilion but the lines were insane and he didn’t want to wait.

We decided to head for the exit and back to the hotel to rest before DAH at HS. We had the Fantasmic dessert party at 8 and had star wars apparel to change into.

While at the hotel, we were looking at the radar and it looked bad. So we opted for a Lyft and just as we pulled up to HS (around 8 pm), the skies let loose. There was a lot of cloud to ground lightning and torrential rain. The Lyft driver sat while we put on our ponchos and we made a break for it. The ponchos did little good since it was very windy too - we were soaked by the time we made it to security.

I was pretty sure Fantasmic was going to be canceled but we headed that way anyway. There were crowds outside already lining up. I asked a CM and they said they hadn’t announced it being canceled yet and to just check back. We decided to head over to the launch bay to check out some merch and see what was available.

We found some AP Galaxy’s Edge shirts so of course we bought those. They also had someone doing May the 4th certificates with your name printed in Aurebesh so we got those too.

By now, it was close to 9 and we went back to Fantasmic, just to make sure it was in fact canceled (there was no more lighting and the rain was just a drizzle now) and it was. So, at least we did get our money back but I have never seen Fantasmic and was really disappointed that I still wasn’t going to see it. A reason to come back :slight_smile:

So, now we headed back towards Mann’s Chinese theater and launch bay for the meet and greets. We stopped for the Kylo Ren cupcake and caught a side angle view of the new History of Animation show (prior to the Star Wars fireworks). I loved this show!! I was excited to come back in a few days to see it (we got VIP seating for it and the star wars fireworks as part of the Star Wars guided tour). We watched part of the Star Wars fireworks/show and it was different slightly than the last time we saw it which is cool. I just love this show even though I am not as big of a star wars fan as DH. Now DAH had officially started!

In the launch bay there were several different meet and greets so we headed there first. Rey and Chewy were meeting together; Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma were meeting together, BB 8 was on his own and Darth Vader was on his own. We opted to start with Chewy & Rey, the posted wait time was 30 min for them and 35 for Vader. We knew we would see BB 8 and Kylo Ren during our guided tour so skipped them. As we were standing in line, it was clear that 30 min was an under-estimated time. We ended up waiting over an hour to meet them. If it had just been me, there is no way I would have waited but this night was for DH and he waited in the Dwarfs line at Halloween for me so it was the least I could do. I love Chewy and his meet and greet is always so much fun. It was no different tonight but we were both unimpressed with Rey’s interaction. Now it was already 10:45 so we decided to skip Vader (interestingly, THIS is the one I would have preferred we do but DH wasn’t all that interested, go figure). They had some fan-made droids in the courtyard and they were so cool! We stopped for pictures with R2 D2.

We headed over to TSL to ride Slinky Dog and to see it at night (first time seeing it at night, it was so pretty!). We waited maybe 5 min and we both thought it was faster than the last time we rode it. Overall the crowds didn’t seem bad at all. I don’t think it sold out which kind of surprised me given that it was May 4th.

Next we headed to Tatooine Traders to see if there was anything different there in the way of merch, there was not. We passed the meet and greet for Olaf and there was no one in line so we met him (I had wanted to meet him last year and we didn’t so this was a no brainer).

I really wanted to do the Ewok meet and greet but the line was still 45 min long so we opted for Storm Troopers instead. It was a really fun meet and greet since DH was dressed as Han Solo and the backdrop was the Millennium Falcon. This was only a 5 min wait.

Now it was around 12:15 and we wanted to see the special projection show that was on ToT (Star Wars themed) so we headed back that direction. We did so much crisscrossing and back and forth tonight!

The show was great, loved the projections they did. We grabbed some more water and ice cream on the way out and headed to the bus around 12:45. We had to wait a while for at HS but arrived, exhausted, back to the room around 1:20. This time we shared the stop with POFQ (stopped there first) then we were the next stop. 30,000 steps today.

Overall opinion of DAH at HS for May 4th: not really worth it. We got the AP discount so that was good and it was only two of us. But, all told, we rode one ride (SDD), did 3 character meet and greets and ate 2 ice cream bars, 1 popcorn, and 3-4 bottled waters. But, DH said he had a great time so that is really all that matters since this was for him!

Tomorrow we get to sleep in a little and hit CG Brunch!!


Wait, where’d you get that Minnie carrot cake/cheese cake thing??

Bwwahahah the more the better!

Uh… oxymoron right there.

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At the Odyssey for Minnie’s Garden Party

I love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip report!

Thanks for all the detail and pictures! Our next trip is during Flower and Garden Festival next year so I am very interested in your thoughts on the weather, crowds, must sees, etc.

I really enjoyed it. It was much warmer than I expected. While the humidity wasn’t horrible, the heat index was in the high 80’s, low 90’s each day. But, once the sun went down it was so nice. It did rain a little more than I was expecting. We had two days that were pretty much wash outs due to rain. We still made the best of it but for some reason I was expecting less rain than that. The crowds on the weekends were noticeable but the rain did clear out a lot of people which we took advantage of! Crowds were definitely higher than I was expecting but we had a solid plan and it didn’t really affect us. The rain and rides being down it was a perfect storm that really messed with our plans. But, we were able to alter our plans on the fly and still really enjoyed doing things we wouldn’t normally do. I think if I had an option to go back, I would try a little earlier but still avoid spring break and Easter. Overall we still had a blast and I really enjoyed the Gardens of World Tour (I’ll cover that on Day 4 :slight_smile: )


Highly recommend the Gardens of the World Tour. Also the Fesitval passport lists all of the topiaries and the different plantings so if you are into that, be sure to pick it up and follow along. The food booths were also really good in my opinion but for picky DH, there wasn’t a lot he was interested in. Be sure to check for special pop up celebrations - when we were there, the had Minnie’s Garden Party. It was only from 11am-4pm for just a few days. I happened to read about it on DFB, otherwise, I don’t know that I would have known about it.

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Thank you! We took so many pictures, everything was just so beautiful!!

I am NOT a morning person and was looking forward to not waking up early when I didn’t have to. Oh well, the excitement of being is Disney is real!

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Awesome. We have 2 littles (will be DD5 and DS3 by our trip time), so I have been working on a touring plan that has us RD Nemo things, late breakfast at Garden Grill and then basically bum around WS eating the rest of the day, FPP for Frozen at approximately the time we would be in Norway if going clockwise, and calling it quits whenever we feel like it. Don’t really care at this point about the rest of Future World, more excited about seeing Epcot when everything is in bloom! The topiaries look awesome and I love the idea of the passport to give us a semi-structured activity. Were the lines at the booths long? I worry about the rain too. Sounds like you guys were troopers! We made it through August humidity and rain in WDW but was hoping late April/early May would be better…

Great report, loved the pictures.

We went on a Saturday and honestly, the lines weren’t horrible. We did leave around 5 and the crowds were definitely building but from 11 until then it wasn’t too bad. The only places that had really long lines were the America Pavilion (had to be at least 30 min) and the Cotton Candy in China (probably a good 45 min). We went again on Monday and the crowds were much lighter but we only stayed for the Gardens of World tour then hopped to AK so not sure what the afternoon crowds looked like. I would say it was much much less crowded than Food and Wine.


Day 3
We got to sleep in this morning since we didn’t get to sleep until about 2:30 am. Today is California Grill Brunch! Another first and something I have wanted to do for a long time. As previously noted, DH is not an adventurous eater and pretty picky with mundane foods. I debated back and forth whether spending the money for this was going to be worth it. But, in the end, I have wanted to do this for a long time and decided to just go for it. We headed out via Lyft to the Contemporary and arrived a few minutes before our 11:15 am reservation. As soon as we walked into CG, I was so happy I had kept the reservation! I did panic as we checked in and saw the dress code placard - we were heading straight to MK after and were dressed in park attire. I completely forgot about the dress code. But, they assured us we were fine. We did see others dressed in park attire as well (ears included) but there were definitely many who were dressed much nicer.

We grabbed some mimosas and checked out the views as we waited for our table. Just a few minutes later and we were seated.

I was hoping for a table right up against the window (didn’t think to ask when we checked in) but our view was still nice.

I knew I had to try the eggs benedict with poached lobster after @OBNurseNH raved about it. It was delicious!

We asked if they could do a plain, buttermilk pancake for DH (no fruit or anything) and a plain cheese omelet and they were very accommodating.

I loved the music, the atmosphere, the views, and the food! Everything was delicious and such a nice start to the day.

After eating, we went out on the terrace for some great pictures, despite the cloudy day.

The clouds started to look ominous - good thing we packed our ponchos!

We explored the shops in the Contemporary before boarding the monorail to head to the Magic Kingdom. Our first FP+ wasn’t until 2 so we had a nice leisurely morning. We had the monorail to ourselves!

Once we arrived, I had to get some postcards stamped with the main street stamp. My boss has two little girls who went to WDW for the first time last year and they loved it. They are huge Anna and Elsa fans so I sent them a postcard and some activity books. I really wanted to get them signed by Anna and Elsa but did not want to wait in a meet and greet line so I asked Guest Services if they could help make some magic happen. After a few minutes, he reappeared with the signatures! During this time, the rain came and there was a mad dash of people running for cover. It was such a huge downpour. This would be the theme for the day. While at Guest Services, our 7DMT FP converted to an anytime FP. I also noticed that HM was down and that was our next scheduled FP. I asked if they knew when it was going to come back up and they said it was a problem with the track and they weren’t sure if it would come back online at all today. I was so bummed, I love that ride and really wanted the new ride photo with the ghosts. In scanning through the wait times of the indoor rides, trying to figure out where to go next, I noticed a lot of the indoor rides were down. POC was down in addition to HM. After getting some postage and mailing the package, we donned our ponchos and headed up Main Street to go to Mickey’s Philharmagic as everyone else (it seemed) headed out!

By the time we got to the top of the hub, we were soaked! I was sloshing in water in my tennis shoes but we still took the opportunity for a quick castle selfie.

As we made our way to Philharmagic, there was considerable lightning, the rain continued and the wind picked up. We made it under cover and got in the standby line. There were people on the carousel as the lighting and thunder continued, strollers were blowing all over the place and kids were screaming - I am sure there were some who will be traumatized from being stuck on the carousel during the storm. I haven’t seen a storm blow through like that in a long time.

They announced that they were going to use Philharmagic as a shelter so the line would move slower but we were welcome to wait. We figured there was nothing else to do so we waited. We made it into the holding area outside of the theater in about 15 min then they announced there was a technical difficulty but we could wait to see if they got it fixed. Again, we figured we were better off waiting than trying to go elsewhere. A quick check of the app showed that HM was still down, now Country Bears was down, peoplemover was down along with all of the outdoor rides. We were finally let into the theater about 15 min later. I hadn’t seen Philharmagic in a really long time and loved it. It solidified my love of Donald Duck :slight_smile:

It was still raining as we left but not as bad as earlier, another opportunity for a shot in front of the partners’ statue with hardly anyone around. We headed back up Main St. for our Mickey & Minnie meet and greet.

We spotted a photopass photographer near the ice cream shop so we got some more poncho shots.

I love balloons, especially Disney balloons. As we were walking up main st, I noticed a CM holding balloons along with a photopass photographer standing under one of the shop awnings. I asked if they would take my picture with the balloons and they obliged. I was giddy with excitement! Anyone who thinks adults can’t have fun at Disney needs to have their heads examined :slight_smile:

We made our way to the meet and greet and it was so much fun! We wished Mickey a happy birthday and DH told him he didn’t look a day over 85. Mickey then walked around like he was hobbling using a cane and then said he would rather have a scooter. It was such a cute interaction.

The rain had finally let up and the sun was coming out so as we headed back down Main St towards HM (it was still down but I wanted to see if the CM there had any more info on whether it would be back up) we saw the Rainy Day Cavalcade starting. I had never seen this so we stopped to watch. It was cute.

On our way back to HM, we passed by the Muppets history show - another first! It was a super cute show and glad we just happened upon it.

HM CM said no ETA on when (or if) the ride was going to come back online. By now, we had gotten an anytime FP for this one too.
We continued through Liberty Square and as we were passing the Liberty Belle, it was boarding so we hopped on. Another first and it was a peaceful ride with some great scenery of the park.

At this point, we decided to head to Tomorrowland (via Fantasyland) to use one of our anytime FP for Space Mountain. I hate Space Mountain. I have neck issues and really didn’t want to ride but DH wanted to (he is a coaster fan) so I sucked it up and we got in line. The ride was just as shaky as I remembered and I had a horrible headache when we got off the ride. At this point, DH turns to me and said: “that isn’t the ride I thought it was”. He was confusing it with RNRC (seriously, this is what I am working with!!! LOL). I got a FP for Buzz for a little later so we headed back to Liberty Square to grab dinner at CHH (another first). As we were walking past 7DMT we noticed that the FP line was huge. We had thought about trying to ride it but after checking with the CM, they had closed the standby line to get everyone through who had FP. Since we have ridden it before and were still feeling the effects of Space, we decided to just keep walking. We mobile ordered and picked up our food as we got there. It was good, I got the lobster roll and was surprised by how much lobster there was.

We decided to skip the Buzz FP and decided to walk the shops along Main Street. This is something we don’t usually do unless it is on the way out of the park and we only walk through the shops on the Emporium side. Today, we walked the shops on the other side of the street and it was really enjoyable. We saw a glass blower making some of the vases they sell and had a leisurely stroll. We passed more balloons and got another picture, this time, without ponchos!

One more picture in front of the castle - we make good use of the photopass photographers!

We had booked the dessert party and could check in at 8:00 so we decided to sit around the hub for a little bit until it was time to check in. I went to the popcorn cart to get a drink and saw the Minnie Mouse popcorn bucket - it was so cute, I couldn’t resist. We checked in to the dessert party and headed to the garden area. It was such a nice night after the storms blew through and the sun was starting to set.

As always, I loved HEA. I always cry, it is just so emotional for me.

Next we headed to the desserts! Everything was the same as when we were there in December but there was an addition of Minnie Mouse Edible Cookie Dough. Everything was so good!

We saw Once Upon a Time (also makes me cry, I have no idea why) and then headed back to the hotel as the Summit teens were coming in for their after-hours event. We barely made it back to the hotel in time to race to the gift shop to pick up our park purchases. As we got off the bus at our stop, there was a family behind us who had no idea where they were. One thing we noticed on the bus rides home from the parks is that they were really bad about announcing what stop we were at. These people were trying to get to Magnolia Bend so we walked them towards the front to help them find their way.
We were pretty exhausted and my feet were in bad shape from being wet all day. Overall, despite the rain, the ride closures, and the wetness, it was still awesome. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
20,000 steps and ready for tomorrow’s Gardens of the World tour!


I’m so glad you loved it!!!