Florida residency

My wife’s FIL has a house in PCB and I’ve been paying for a Comcast internet package there for a while. Is that enough to prove Florida residency? What would be the benefit?

florida residency - WDW

Please see the link above. Taken right from Disney’s site.

So instead of doing like I’m doing this year and spending 8k for 6 nights at the poly, Dp, park hopper, round trip airfare, etc. in the future I can opt for an instate sale, stay off site and save a fortune. I wouldn’t trade this trip in June for anything, but as the kids get older this will be a far cheaper way to Disney. All I need is my comcast bill.

Give it a try. The biggest benefit is the discount on park tickets.
Looks like you still need to show proof of ID but it doesn’t say it needs to be FL specifically. Could be your home state license.
I don’t know that anyone else would be able to get the in-state ticket price though. But then again, Disney may let you buy tickets for your family based solely on your ability to prove residency.

Let us know how you make out.

I might have my wife take over the utility bill. Then we’ll be covered

Let me know how that works out! I’ve been trying to get my wife to take over bills for years now! Haha!