Florida people: blue spring state park

Has anyone been to blue Spring State Park? It’s about an hour from WDW. We are driving down from South Carolina and it just happens to be on our way. We don’t have any parks planned for arrival day so I thought it might be cool to stop by here. However, people encourage rope drop to visit and we won’t be able to do that as we are driving eight hours. So I was wondering if there was anyone whose brain I could pick about trying to work this out. And in case anyone is wondering what the draw is, this morning, there was a record broken


I have not been to that park in particular but I know of others that do get pretty crowded.

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Sorry no experience on Blue Springs, but I’ll just mention that there are a lot of springs north from Orlando. I was planning on going to Wekiwa Springs / King’s Landing which is about 45 minutes from WDW, but bad weather made us change our plans. So I’ve never been, but really really want to go to one where you can rent a kayak etc. I imagine they are like any popular attractions - more crowded on weekends and holiday times, busiest at mid day etc.

Check out these resources:


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Thank you so much! I’ve heard before 10 or after 3 are the best times to go, and after 3 shouldn’t be a problem if we do go that route. I just know my boys would love seeing some manatees and you can’t beat the $6/car cost!