Flights of wonder being replaced by an UP show,amp.html

Saw this last night. Thought i would share.

Oh my goodness! Glad I planned for that on the 30th instead of the 1st! I would have missed it!

I saw that last night - this was going to be our first time seeing Flights of Wonder so I’m pretty sad about the timing.

Any idea when the new show will be open?

My whole family (especially DD3 and DD1) loved flights of wonder when we were there last month. I’m a little sad it will be gone for our next trip!

Oh no; so flight of wonder will be gone as of Jan 1st? Will there be dead space between that and the new show? We are going Jan 9-14:sweat:

I just read on the blog that the new show won’t open until spring, so a few months of dead time.

Ok, thanks. Too bad. At least we’ve seen the shown before.

Yeah…I never had because I was always with people who “didn’t do birds”. I love birds and was so looking forward to finally seeing this on my February trip. :cry: :cry: :cry: