Flights - book through Disney or not?

I’m trying to decide whether I should try to book my own flights to Orlando or let DCL do it for me. I’m concerned that if I leave it to Disney, I won’t get the best price or the best routing. Does anyone have any experience booking airfare through DCL? Also, is there any advantage (other than convenience of booking) to do so with Disney?

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You should always book your own flights. They aren’t going to research and look for the least expensive airline from your city, nor search for flights from nearby cities that you could drive to to fly out of.

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No advantage of booking through Disney except for Disney, LOL.

There is no advantage to DCL - not in price, preference anything - plus I don’t think they really get you a good deal. I would however ensure that you book a flight WELL in advance of your cruise. I would come in at LEAST a day prior. With weather and tight airline schedules - if something happens you can get screwed.

Good point about an early flight. I knew to not cut it close, but I’d forgotten about the weather angle. Also, we’re on a 7 day cruise and it seems like we’ll be staying overnight until Sunday as most of the flights (unless I want to make connections) leave by 12pm on the Sat. I’m not sure I want to take the chance of missing a flight and rushing off the cruise.

I agree it can be cheaper if not done through Disney. One thing about a cruise and booking through Disney if the plane is delayed I believe they get you to the cruise ship. If not it would be your expense unless you have insurance. Not sure on that but something to check into.

^ I was thinking that too - but I think when we did it they did NOT guarantee making the boat if the plane is delayed. I would make sure though that they make is very specific and it is spelled out in your contract - not “of the operator said , . .”


Kind of makes you wonder why anyone would use it, if there’s no real benefit.

People want the convenience of one stop shopping - so for some - it has a benefit. They have one person to yell at if things go wrong. I personally enjoy the “hunt”. Sometimes the package is worth it - other times no

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What we always did, that way we were not going to miss our boat (even though we go on Carnival) we fly down the day before. My parents have found hotels that are near the port that will pick you up at the airport and then take you to the port for your cruise :slight_smile: You would have another expense for a night hotel, but in the end depending on the cost it could save you money if you get cheaper flights :slight_smile:

Another thing to check in, is to see if you drove a ways than you may get a cheaper flight! :slight_smile: For our recent trip to Disney, (MCO) we live in Kingfisher OK and drove to Dallas Love in TX. We found flights leaving the day before for $42 :slight_smile: We LOVED this flight :slight_smile: For our round trip it cost us $84. For us to fly out of OKC we would have had to pay $180 one way! So we saved enough for us to pay for our hotel room!

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Great ideas. I know people who drive an hour away for flights, but I’m not sure if the savings vs the layovers are worth it. That sounds like a great flight for you, Mrslisadawn.

I was also thinking of using points, but Orlando would cost a premium number of points; especially since we’re going over next spring break.