Flight of passage video


What do you guys think about the movement. Do those look like drops that would be too intense for those that don’t like roller coasters? I don’t like the feeling of sinking, but I like simulators in general.

Thanks for posting!

Thanks for posting! I am so excited to ride this!

Thank you! This looks stunning!

Looks fun! I wouldnt be too nervous about the drops.

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The largest that a “drop” can be is about 10 feet, and watching the video, most seem to be just a couple of feet; I don’t think it will be much of an issue…

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So do you actually move in your seat or is it all just done on the screen?

The seats move quite a bit. Did you watch the video?

The platform on which the seats are mounted moves up and down, and the individual seats rock from side to side, and I believe from front to back as well.

I’m just worried that the experience will be too real for my neighbors, as I will be making banshee sounds with each plunge.

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I’m worried this will be too scary for my 7 year old and I’m not next to her to hold her, bury her head in my arm.