Flight of Passage Strategy Question

Heading to WDW for Spring Break. For various reasons we’re 0-for-2 trying to ride FoP in our last couple trips, so I’m trying to figure out our best strategy for getting to ride this time without a super-long wait.

I’ve read conflicting theories where some say to go early and RD it, others say go late. We were planning to go early one day and try RD but now I’m considering not starting any of our days at AK and instead just park-hopping over there one afternoon and hoping for a manageable wait. Anybody had good luck with that strategy on one of the busier days recently?

This is what the data says from the most recent historical wait times:

Basically a walk on at Rope Drop with a 8:00am opening. (Entering queue 7:30-7:50)

Most of the day is a 50-70 minute wait.

Near park close around 30 minutes.


We went to AK with a late start on 2/13 which was a busy day. The posted wait for FOP never went down, but when we finally got in line with 65 minute wait posted we only actually waited about 30-35 minutes. The line was long, starting on the bridge toward Africa, but spaced out and moved fast.

I don’t have experience to back up my opinion (we’ve only ridden with FP), but if you decide not to RD, I think you’d be fine getting in line at the end of the night. (like final 10 minutes of park time) Wait times are artificially inflated to discourage people from getting in line and even if you do wait a bit longer than you wanted to, there’s nothing else you can do at the park after closing and you will have a nice empty park walk out experience.


That’s helpful info… thank you all.