Flight of Passage question

Going for rope drop 7am Monday the 19th if we arrive at 6:30am how long would you say wait would be for flight of passage also am going with my 5 and 6 yr old both of 44 In would this ride be to intense for them?

Hey! I don’t have the firsthand answers for you yet, but if you don’t get someone with recent experience responding here, you might download the liner app and look through some of the chat topics. I’ve been following on there (we will be in AK on June 20 so am curious as well). People have been great about live updating their RD and wait time experiences at Pandora.

So far, from what I’ve been reading on those updates, it is looking like RD is a very effective way to get a less than 1/2 hour wait on FOP and a nearly walk on experience at the river ride. Still following closely to see how things continue to progress as some of the mania dies down but the summer season starts.

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I would also recommend checking lines close to your time to see what wait times are. We took my 5 year old daughter who was just tall enough to do FOP. It was her favorite ride! She is a thrill seeker type and loved Expedition Everest too. I wouldn’t make it your first ride or they might be disappointed in everything that follows though. A good preview would be to see how your kids do on Soarin. It is a similar experience although more interactive since it is like each person is flying their banshee. Only one slightly scary part in the movie part of the ride and it is over really quickly (a large animal pops up “close” to you).

Would you know if there is a waiting area where my wife and I could wait with the kids?