Flight of Passage FastPass

I checked FP availability today for Flight of Passage for 60 days out. Today is 6/15, and the first day FP is available is 8/17, which I think is “day 4.” Am I calculating this correctly?

We are planning a trip for early November and I was hoping to get Flight of Passage FP for our “day 3” but now I am worried. I know that we could do rope drop but I was hoping to ride Navi River for our first attraction and then do Flight of Passage later in the day with FP.

My guess is for a later in the day FOP FP you’ll be OK at 60+3. I was able to land 3 FP for FOP on our 60+2 day in mid-July. I’d presume you’d be looking at similar availability, unless your group is big. I got a 2:15 time but wasn’t on top of checking for other availability early in the FP cycle as that was one of the first I did - think if I’d been a touch more aware I could have gotten some other options. I was on promptly at 7 Eastern to get things started so definitely plan on getting on early…

Two days after our 60 day mark, I was able to get a FP+ for FOP for our 60+1 day in the evening (which is when I wanted it for). When I was sitting there at 7am on my 60 day mark there was NOTHING available.

Be patient, it may open up.

FWIW, google says 8/17 is 60+3.

My FP day is tomorrow. Our first AK day is 8/17. I will try and get a FP for FOP, but won’t fuss too much if we don’t get one, we will rope drop it if not. We have two other AK days planned later for days 7 and 11. I do anticipate FOP being harder to get than the Toy Story ones, my HS days are 6, 10 & maybe 12.

I will let you know how it goes.

Hi ApolloAndy and danimoon67, so, if tomorrow is your FP day (6/16), can you confirm that your arrival day is 8/15, and that AK day on 8/17 is called 60+2? Counting your arrival day, 8/17 would be day 3.

Yes, we arrive on 8/15 (day 60), 8/16 is 60+1, 8/17 - 60+2. 8/17 would be our third day on property.

Thanks to all, this has been helpful, looks like currently there is a chance for Flight of Passage FP for 60+2, good luck to danimoon getting them tomorrow.

How early in the day can you book them? Is it like ADR’s where they open up at 6:00 AM or different?

FPs open at 7am EST.

hmmmm, I think I made a little error … the late day FastPasses for Flight of Passage shown on the touringplans website as available for 8/17 have certainly been taken this morning at 7 am … so currently it looks like you can get FP for 60+3 … not 60+2.

how many people were you looking for? I know the TP numbers are for single person FPPs

Just two of us, which should make it easier to get FPs we want. We made two trips with kids 10+ years ago and I am looking forward to getting back for some of the new attractions and some old favorites

We are also doing AK on 8/17 and today was also my day. Regrettably, as I had suspected, the earliest FOP FPPs for 3 people was at 5:15. Decided to take an early NRJ and RD FOP instead so that I’m able to secure more FPPs around noon.

Hopefully, I don’t regret it!

That’s very interesting, FP for FOP were available to you late in the day for 60+2 – but if you check the touringplans FP Availability (which was run pre-dawn today 6/16) it shows “Distribution Done” for 8/17

There was no FOP FP availability for 8/17 (I also checked 8/18 and that also had no availability). I’m not surprised and it’s not a big deal for our plans, we always rope drop anyway so we will head with the masses over to FOP first thing.

I will continue to try and get a FP for FOP over the next 60 days.

Our first park day is MK (60+1) and the earliest I could book 7DMT was 4:20 – I have since bumped it up to 2:40 and will continue to try and get it earlier. HS had great availability for all the mornings I looked (granted they were 60+6 or later) and the park is opening at 7 am most of the days we are there.

All in all it went as expected, no glitchiness to the site and I’ve been adjusting times and will be tweaking as we go.

My biggest piece of advice would be if you see FOP or SDMT (or other big ticket ride) for a time you don’t want, book it, it’s easier to modify than to try and get it once it says “there are no FPs available for this ride”. When I go back to my 60+2 day at AK it says there are no FPs for FOP, Safari and Everest — but I did get FPs for Safari and Everest before they disappeared and have been able to move the times around.

This is the first time I am booking FPs first thing in the morning I usually was an 10-1/11-2 FP person the last few trips taking advantage of rope drop. With the refresh/modify method I am going to see how that goes.



I do have FPs for FOP on two other days and debating if we want to start at AK on our last day before hopping to MK to get one more FOP ride in. Decisions, decisions! (flight is at 7:30 pm)

Thank you danimoon for your report and tips, and have a great trip!

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I’m going in September. Not staying onsite. Crowd levels are stated to be 1/10.

Am I stuffed? :slight_smile:

You will almost definitely not get one at 30 days. However, if you are willing to invest some time it is possible you can pick one up, especially with a low crowd day.
Basically after you get your FPP for that day, keep trying to modify and get one for FoP. I have heard of people getting them the couple of days before.
Basically you are looking for someone that canceled their plans or changed days they are going to the parks.
I have had luck being able to modify things on the weekends, in the afternoons - that is completely un-scientific LOL - but like I said you are looking for someone that has changed plans.
How many people are you looking for? You will also have a better chance the smaller your party