Flight of Passage during EMH

Heading to DAK on Monday for 8am EMH. I have a Flight of Passage FP for later in the day, but what are the chances of sneaking in a ride during EMH with a short wait? I plan on being at the bus stop early to get to the park early. My plan as of now is to go on the Na’vi River Journey as that wait will probably be pretty short during EMH, but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this.
Thanks in advance!

We were able to walk on the Na’vi River journey when we rope dropped EMH over Thanksgiving week. We were there about 30-45 minutes before the park opened and they were already letting people in. As we were walking back across the bridge, there was a small trickle of people leaving Pandora who had already ridden on one or both rides. I think if you right Na’vi first, then the line for FOP will be longer than you want to wait.

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Because they are letting people into Pandora 20-30+ minutes before scheduled RD (or EMH), the current consensus is to get to AK about 60-75 minutes before then and you will be at the front of the pack.

It is a slow march into Pandora and 99% of the people are going to FoP, so it will go from no wait to hours super fast. But, being in the front of the pack you’ll likely be on and off FoP relatively quickly and then be able to hit NRJ if you want. Typically with this technique you’d be on and off both rides by 15-20 minutes after official RD.

On our EMH day back in August we had a longer wait than most for a couple of reasons: some extra start and stops I think, plus we got stuck in middle of the marching crowd. If you stay to the right and left sides of the path you will likely move much more quickly. I posted of our experience in my trip report, you can see photos of the crowd plus a timeline map I made as reference for people. (Again, most days people will do much better than our EMH experience, think we were just unlucky that day, plus in hindsight think we should have been there 15 or 20 minutes earlier.)


I will be traveling with my mom and two children. I can get us there super early, but my mom has to stop and rent and ECV (we will not be renting one offsite). Will the time it takes to do put is so far behind that it’s worthless to go early in an attempt to get ahead of the pack? Thanks for your advice.

Arrive 1hr prior to rope drop and you’ll be at the head of the pack with little to no wait. Well worth it! You’ll want to ride more than once. After the RD ride you’ll be stoked to have the FPP ride planned for later!

Yes, but I am worried that the time ti takes to rent the ECV will put us behind the pack. While eveyone is heading toward Pandora we will me waiting in line to rent the ECV. We will loose too much time negating the ropedrop advantage. I should mention that the day we attend there will be EMH so the park opens at 8. So the plan would be to be driving into the parking lot at 6:30.

Oh I missed that piece.

Is there an option for you to rent an ECV from an offsite vendor and then Uber over instead of bus?

Not sure Uber can accommodate the ECV.