Flight of Passage 1st thing vs Afternoon Fastpass

I have a 2:30pm fastpass for FoP.
Should I knock it out first thing in the morning instead? Park opens at 7am.
We are 2 adults and one toddler planning to switch off.
I’m wondering if I should trade my 2:30 fastpass for a Rivers of Light fast pass and use the afternoon time to return to the hotel for a nap.
Or should I hang on to my FoP fastpass in case of unforeseen events that can always happen with a toddler and cancel it after we ride 1st thing?

I’d keep the FoP fastpass and try to knock it out first thing. If it doesn’t work at rope drop, you know you’ve got a slot later in the day. If it does work at rope drop, you may want to ride again :slight_smile:

Rivers of Light is a waste of a fastpass. You’ve got to get there early (with or without FP) to get a seat.


Agree with @ISUamanda, keep the FOP FPP in case the morning doesn’t work out. You can always change it to something else if you ride in the morning and plan to leave for a break.

I’d do both. FoP is the best ride in all of Disney that I’d want to ride it twice.


We used our FoP FP in the afternoon and enjoyed the rest of the park in the morning. We walked onto EE and Dinosaur! several time with little or no wait. We did have to wait a bit to enter that side of AK.



Leave for your break right after your FPP (maybe try to modify same day to an earlier time) and you can still get a break in and return in the evening for ROL.

Definitely keep the afternoon FP until after you’ve ridden in the morning. That way if the ride goes down (does FoP ever do that?) or you don’t get there as early as planned you’re covered. We’re doing the same thing this trip with 7DMT. If all goes well we’ll ride after BoG and will cancel our 3:55 FP in favor of more same day FPs. If that doesn’t work out, the FP is our insurance policy.

There last week. If you are not at emh rope drop, it was still 45 minute wait for FOP. Once regular rope drop started, jumped to 90 minutes. Make it first priority, but keep FP. It is so worth the extra ride to really enjoy it. Look around once and see how many people are on ride with you!

Thanks for all the great advice! I’ll EMH rope drop FoP and keep the fastpass just in case.
I just hope my toddler lets me ride it while Mom holds her without having a melt down!