Flight change means one more park day...but now my schedule is a mess. help!

we changed our departure flight today due to frontier changing it’s flight schedule. we were going to fly out at 10:45am which meant tragical express pickup at 7:45am. we are now on a 9PM flight which basically gives us until 6pm…so i should add an extra park day I think! but it’s messing up my plans and I need help.
Here is our trip in nutshell. it was short to begin with and I am wondering how to move things around now:
tues 10/2 arrive into MCO at 12pm, uber or taxi to UOR - staying at RPR. will do the universal parks that afternoon/evening
wed 10/3 UOR/IOA all day
Thurs 10/4 sleep in, breakfast, swim, check out of RPR and transfer over to GF at WDW. I had planned to just chill at hotel and swim and have an ADR for narcoossess but I am contemplating canceling the ADR and adding park day and going to HS this evening to check out TS land. but it would be my day 60 so is a FP for SDD even a possibility? TP’s has HS crowd level predicted to be a 2. last year on this day of the week it was CL 3. so question is park or no park?
Fri 10/5 - MK day, will do EMH in the morning, have BOG lunch at 12pm. will take break in late afternoon and go back for MNSSHP
***sat 10/6 - blizzard beach 10-5pm. we have a free waterpark day on our tix bought through MVT and my kids love waterparks and we have only done TL so BB is new for us. hope to spend the whole day there. I rented a cabana/patio thing. i have an ohana dinner ADR at 8:05pm OR do we go into HS this evening instead of thurs? CL is predicted to be a 7 and it’s the saturday of columbus weekend…I am afraid it will be nuts
sun 10/7 sleep in, go to AK for a few hours before our pick up which will be 6pm I presumed. so probably plan on park from 12-4ish and we will mostly just want to do nemo show, EE, KS and hopefully FOP if I can get FP for it! CL is predicted to be a 10 - ouch!
so my big question is:

  1. if we have 3 park days do we use them thurs, fri and sun? or fri, sat evening only, and sun? this all hinges on getting fpp’s for SDD on day 60 in the evening (or we could ride at park close or during F! since we will skip that) and getting a FPP for FOP on 60 + 3 - eek! i am afraid you will all tell me that there is no hope of getting a fpp for FOP on day 63 so my whole plan is a bust anyways. getting up crazy early and stampeding there at RD is not my families style at all…help and advice is appreciated.

You could consider moving your waterpark day to Thurs and keep ADR. Then if HS was on Sat even if you sleep in and go you will have more time in the park than just a short evening. Also then better chance of FP pushing it ahead by two days.
Sounds like in any case you have some amazing plans. Have fun!

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Hmmm…that’s the day we move from universal to Disney and trying to do the waterpark in between would be messy. We would have all our luggage and stuff. BB is only open until 5pm so I don’t think that would work for us…but it is something to consider!

My two suggestions would be to keep the Ohana ADR and skip HS on Sat. night since it will be so crowded. Relax eat and get to bed as soon as you can. Then do not sleep in Sunday so you can get to AK early because at a crowd level of 10 you need any advantage you can get. Then you can take a little afternoon lunch break somewhere to recharge before you have to leave.

good advice. I think we will hit HS the first night which is thursday 10/4. CL is predicted to be a 2 or 3 and that’s what it was last year. i will be hoping for SDD fop but if we don’t get it then I will take one for TSMM and then just get in the SDD line during F! at the end of the night since we will skip that anyways. the whole AK day will hinge on what time we can possibly get FOP fpp for i guess.

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I think your plan sounds good. Play it by ear - If you can get SDD on Thursday - do that. If not try for Saturday. If you can get FOP for Sunday - great. If not plan on not doing it this time. I was able to get FOP for the afternoon on day 64.

If you want to be really tricky - book a room at POP for earlier in the week to get earlier access to FPs and cancel it after the 30 day window has passed.

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