FL Resident Annual Passes


My parents just moved to FL and want to purchase Seasonal Annual Passes. They will be touring with us over Columbus Day weekend. They will be staying POR that weekend. They plan to purchase the annual pass online but I understand that they need to activate it in person. Questions:

  • Do they have to activate them at Guest Services at the parks?
  • If so, how long is the wait likely to be between 9-10 am at MK on a crowd level 7-8 day (park opens at 9am)?
  • Does POR have a concierge that could help activate the passes?

Thank you


Yes, they have to be activated at GS. For us, it was NOT a fast process on a 6 day. We were the first in line and missed the entire welcome show. Total time at window was about 40 minutes. They can activate the day before but they would "loose" that day as their passes would then expire a year from that date.
Can't help with the concierge question but would doubt it because they print the cards when you activate.


Yes, it's pretty much the same with all APs. I get mine every year, renew it on my account, but I still have to stop at GS to get them to print out the card and activate it, even when I'm staying on site and have a magic band already.


If the line at Guest Services is long, take a glance at that little white kiosk near the ferry dock. I picked up APs last weekend and only had to wait about five minutes in line there, although that was around noon and not at park open.


Any chance they can go to DTD the night before?


We went to the GS counter at International Gateway to activate. It took no time at all, as we were the only ones there. This was on our check in day, we chose to do that so we weren't stressed for our first day of rope drop. Maybe they could activate the APs and y'all could have a meal at BW or BC/YC.


We just renewed ours this weekend: printed the certificates at home and took about 5 minutes at the ticket window to trade them out. Concierge at the hotel cannot help. In the past, we have also gone to Guest Services at DTD and taken care of it quickly too.