FL Annual Pass Questions

I am not currently a FL resident. We expect to retire in 2 years and spend at least some long term time in FL. I think I will meet the residency requirement by having some utility bills or something even if we don’t actually buy property. I am currently looking to purchase thru Sam’s Club if the savings prove as significant as with non resident APs.

My questions are…

  1. If I buy a FL Select or Weekday Select resident pass now, will they still expire in 2030 like a regular platinum pass?

  2. If I don’t link them to MDE now, will they still link in a few years? I currently have Platinum AP for use later this year, inactivated for now. I don’t want to cause any confusion with which passes get used.

  3. Has the trend been to increase blockout dates for the cheaper tickets to where you feel they are more difficult to use? I ask because the fine print suggests Disney can change blockout dates at their discretion. I am more than happy to avoid crowds, summer, holidays and weekends since we always travel off season anyway, but what about random events, SWGE predictions, etc.? I’m not asking for your fortune telling skills, but simply what trends you have seen/felt as a FL AP holder.

  4. If something unforeseen happens, it is my understanding that tickets can always be reassigned. I’d just like to verify that I could pass my inactivated FL resident AP along to someone else if I had to.

  5. FL Select or FL Weekday Select—Pros and Cons? Seems like Select costs more and you get less.