Good morning! Wondering if anyone has done the Fishing tours at Disney. They are available at several different locations and I’m wondering if one is better than the other…and if anyone has any experience with it. I’m looking for something different to do with DH and DS…and fishing is right up our alley!

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I think I may have mentioned this to you before … Did it 20 years ago and the best luck was at the defunct and deep six-ed Wave Machine that was attached to the island just off of the Poly beach. It makes a great habitat.

Entirely possible you told me before! Last time I brought this up, DH talked me out of it saying we can fish at home at his fishing club for free. This time, I decided not to ask him about it and just book it.

I’m interested in your out come, please let me know what happens. I’ll me fishing on our next trip but in the Gulf.

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My husband, FIL, BIL, nephew and DS did a fishing excursion a couple of years ago. It was on Bay Lake and left from the Contemporary. My FIL loves to fish and had such a good time, he booked another excursion the very next day. The rest of the group enjoyed it too.