First week of Sept VS. last week of Sept

Thoughts or preferences of going to Disney first week of September vs. last week of September? We tend to go towards the end of September but have noticed that there is a price difference of $600 less to go the first week of September. Same room category, same resort. Is it because of crowd level difference? Worse humidity and heat than later in September? (hard to imagine lol) or less staff? Any ideas? Thank you!

I’ve been in both the 1st half of september and the back half… The 1st half is significantly better in regards to crowds. Waits are low (not walk-on… but much lower than the rest of the year). I feel like the closer you get to Halloween, the more expensive it gets. haha! As for heat, the whole month of September is quite hot and muggy… but I continue to go in September for the low crowd levels! It’s a great month to go.

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We’re going that last week in september/first week of October as well. Wondering/worrying about how the crowds will be… but that’s the week our kids have fall break, so we’re locked in :confused:

Never been the first half, but went the last week in September in 2016. Crowds on non-party days in MK are horrendous. Epcot on F&W weekends are also pretty bad (we did Epcot on a Monday, per liner recommendation). Other than that, crowds were pretty good. It is definitely hot and humid and a tropical storm/ hurricane blew through the following week. We chose not to go back that month the following trip because of the parties and the humidity.

Thank you for sharing! Sounds like beginning might be better for us this time around then. If the whole month is hot and humid but crowds better towards the beginning, then that might be the ticket. Thank you!

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I hope the crowds dont start til later in October? I didn’t realize that schools would have fall break so early!

What month did you decide on to replace your September trips? I really enjoy low crowds and can handle heat pretty well as I live in NC, but those hurricanes can throw a wrench in the plans! We were there in 2017 for Irma. Maybe November is a better weather month but the crowds worry me

We have done the first week of September (week of Labor Day) and found crowds to be amazing. Most things are almost a walk on (in many cases, they ARE a walk on). Highly recommend going at this time if you can.

We have not done last week of September, but we did last week of October, which has similar crowd levels. It was maybe busier than going in September, but not hugely so. Exception was the F&W Festival. Avoid it if you hate crowds! Particularly on weekends. (Future World is fine, though.)

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My kids are out in May, and start back August 1st :grimacing: I don’t think many other school districts have breaks that week (we are in metro-Atlanta - maybe it’s at GA thing? :woman_shrugging:t2:). I’d definitely prefer early September, but hate to pull the kids for a week when they’ve only just gone back in August.

I’ve found F&W to be fine during the week, although I haven’t been in a few years… Weekends are definitely worth staying away from, but Mon-Thurs aren’t bad and can be fun…

We decided on May. We just went in 2018. We love F&G. The weather was hot, but not as humid. We found the crowds to be about the same as Sept 2016. We plan on doing May again in 2020.

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Thx! I’m going to start stalking the May crowd calendars and compare!

I love the F &W festival but I try to leave by six pm as I don’t like having to push my way thru crowds. Week days are so much better tho. Thanks for the input! Looks like beginning of Sept then!