First week in March 2018

Hello! I’m taking my partner for his first (reluctant) trip to Disney World. So I’m slightly obsessing about crowds and trying to make the waits as short as possible – he thinks everything always has a super long wait. I’m not a newbie by any stretch, and I’ve never worried too much about crowd calendars or EMH days before.

First question – I know this is dangerously close to spring break, but how navigable are the crowds?

Second question – should I reorder my days?

My initial thought was this:
Sunday - HS, get there in time for EMH. Hit him with that first since it has more “thrills” and Star Wars. Maybe take a break midday to go back to the hotel or stop by MK. Return for Fantasmic.
Monday - Epcot
Tuesday - AK - Epcot EMH
Wednesday - Magic Kingdom (my favorite!) - stay for EMH. This doesn’t seem to be recommended, but I wondered if I need to worry so much since this is a slightly slower time
Thursday – Universal eye roll
Friday - return to one of the parks, probably MK.

Some people are suggesting I switch Tuesday and Wednesday – but is that really necessary? Thursday is also predicted to be pretty low crowd levels, but I hate to move Universal up any farther in the itinerary because I don’t want comparisons to Universal the rest of the trip.

But all thoughts and comments are welcome! Thank you!

Only concern I would have would be wearing yourself out. Doing evening EMH on Tuesday & Wednesday to be followed up by Universal on Thursday seems like a lot, especially if you rope drop everyday like me. If you rope drop Wednesday and plan to stay for evening EMH at MK, you may need to plan on a midday break at your resort.

That definitely makes sense! I don’t want to exhaust us both – although EMH for Epcot would likely be light, as I think we can squeeze most of that in during normal hours. MK is the one I’m really planning on staying at until the bitter end, but again, I’m flexible. I’d go home whenever he (or I) decided to call it quits.

I don’t anticipate Universal being nearly as commando – there are less things I want to do, and I’m planning on getting Express Passes.

Thank you for your feedback!!

I will be there that same week with my college kids (it is their spring break) but leaving husband behind this time. He is not a fan but tolerates our trips because the rest of the family loves it. My best advice is to gauge his energy level and quit when he gets grumpy and tired. You will want him to see/do everything but he will not know what he misses. When we go as a family we schedule afternoon breaks and sometimes leave my husband at the hotel when we go back in the parks.

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I really appreciate your perspective. I view almost every attraction, show, or snack down as un-missable so that can be hard for me to keep in mind. Looking back over my Touring Plan, though, I really think I’d be fine if he wanted to head back to the hotel by early to mid-afternoon. Most all of the e-ticket attractions are before noon.

I just hope he’s comfortable making it back on his own or me leaving again because there are multiple nighttime shows that I haven’t seen. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: