First WDW trip questions and last day advice?

Hello all! This November (next month! so excited!!!). will be mine and my mom’s first ever trip to WDW. We’ve been to DL 3 times with my kids and nieces and nephews when they were younger, but it’s been quite a few years. I’ve learned a lot so far reading all your posts and would love some feedback on a few things!

This is a truly trip of a lifetime for myself and my mom…we’ve only been dreaming of it for, say, 20 years or so! Our trip is planned for Nov 14-21st staying at Wilderness Lodge. We have our FPP and ADR all done, as well as our touring plans set. We will not have a car available to us and are planning on using Disney transportation, Uber or cab services as needed. This is more of a splurge trip so while I’m not rolling in the dough, I don’t plan on pinching every penny either. I have (I hope, wisely) built in a break into each days plans as neither of us are spring chickens (I am 45, my mom almost 70) anymore and I don’t want to set a breakneck pace :). We are doing Universal for a couple days before we head to DW as well so this is a full, full trip. All that said, here are my questions:

  1. Our last day, the 21st, we have to check out at 11am but our flight isn’t till 6. I was thinking of getting us some kind of spa treatment for the afternoon as a lovely ending note to our trip. Any suggestions? Saratoga looks like a great spa but would it be a pain to travel there? How long would it take by bus? By cab?

  2. We’ve made a room request of higher floor, closer to elevators but we’ve only booked a standard room. I’d like a room that’s not too noisy but isn’t a million mile trek to the lobby either. Should we request a specific room? Call the hotel itself and ask for a suggestion?

  3. I’d love to make this trip as magical as possible for my mom. Can anyone suggest some ideas? I am so out of my league here!

Thank you in advance for your help and input and for sharing the Disney love!

The Senses Spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort would be slightly easier to get to. For either spa, you could take a boat to the Magic Kingdom and change boats for the Grand Floridian, or a bus to Saratoga Springs. You could also boat to the Contemporary and monorail to the Grand Floridian.


If your flight is at 6:00, magical express will be scheduled for 3:00. Ant time traveling from resort to resort is a pain unless you are taking a cab or Uber. Make sure you give yourself extra time and plan to return to WL by 2:00 so you do not have any stress! You will have to do airline checkin ( if available to you) before you leave in the morning.

I found WL to be very quiet. Have you looked at the touring plans room finder? Sometimes there are notes about the rooms.

When I think of magic at Disney, I think of boat rides at night and just sitting and enjoying the sights and sounds.

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I agree with Steve, I think Grand Floridian would be the easiest to get to. And yes, definitely check touring plans room finder and check the views from each of the rooms. Just choose your hotel, plug in the room type and preferences (they have a noise pref box and walking distance selector). It will pull up the resort map and the building(s) will be highlighted that have your room type. You can than click on individual buildings, then individual rooms. Pick the one you like best and note the building, which way it faces, etc. (We used it for WL, it was great! )You can then save it to touring plans for them to fax along notes you can add. I believe it is faxed 3-5 days before your arrival. Or you can do it yourself. You can also call WDW once you have an idea of what you want. I was told it is not good to request a specific room but better to request a certain area or feature. That is why I like when touring plans does it, they list an example/list of rooms.

As for special ideas for your mom, there are so many options. It partly depends on what you are looking to spend and whether you want more of an experience or an actual tangible item.

For experiences, the Ferrytale Wishes cruise might be an option while you are there. Or another dessert party. A surprise tour would be fun. Behind the Seeds at Epcot was a fun, inexpensive tour, but there are tons to choose from depending on your interest. Or maybe surprise her by adding on memory maker if you haven’t already done that.

For tangible things, you could do an in room celebration or gift from Disney Floral. Or you could order a special cake to be delivered at dinner one night. The cakes are big and quite delicious - I have done it twice now and was not disappointed at all. You could even bring a nice bottle of wine from home with you to surprise her with. Or buy her a nice Disney purse - I have my eye on the Vera Bradley ones.