First WDW trip during COVID, can breakfast still get you in the park early?

We have done “Be our Guest” and “Garden Grill” breakfasts to get a head start on rides in the park early.

During COVID is this still a strategy?

With every park having extra hours I don’t think it’ll help much even if they do. BOG doesn’t have breakfast currently. Maybe someone else can answer about the other restaurants that do. I used to do this too though like Book CP for 8am when the park opened at 9am. But now if the park opens at 9am it has early entry at 8:30am and they really start letting people in before that so it won’t get you much of a head start on anyone anymore.

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I am not aware of any pre-rope-drop breakfast dining at this time


The only potentially beneficial pre-park opening breakfasts right now are early reservations at Ale & Compass, Cape May (when open,) or Trattoria…if you’d like to enter EP from IG to use ETPE for Remy standby, and are not staying at a Crescent Lake resort. (You can park at the hotel restaurant if driving your car, or take an early skyliner if staying at an SL resort and show your dining reservation number.)

Hollywood & Vine has breakfast, starting at 8:30 a.m., but that’s the same time that ETPE is for HS today, with regular opening at 9. It’s a TS breakfast in the park, but not any help for eating quick and jumping into lines before the RD crowd.

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At earliest, the first reservation seems to be an hour before regular park open. For example CRT opens at 8am for a 9am park open. So, you really wouldn’t get any of the early entry time.

It’s a shame, we did this Pre covid at Akershus for Epcot at 8 am to beat the crowds to Frozen, and also had an 8 am bibbidi Bobbity boutique appt on a day where MK didn’t have early hours. The new schedule makes it a little easier to plan I guess since it’s just every day, but it pretty much kills the pre-opening breakfast advantage. Unless you’re booked at least an hour before the early entry time you will probably be stuck eating while the crowds pour in.

We have an 8 a.m. Tusker House reservation for a day AK opens at 9. I’ve never done this before – do you just go to any gate and show them your reservation info to get in, or is there a specific entrance you have to use?

I don’t know if your trip has come and gone or not, but when we went 3 years ago, they had one turnstile marked for ADRs and they went down the line of the people and checked on some iPad-looking things to make sure they had reservations, and then let them in. Just make sure to look for the signage or ask a CM which line.