First visit pin

Our trip in May will be my kids first visit to Disney! I know that often means they can get a button saying First Visit and they’d love that I’m sure. Where do we get them? Do we have to check in at the front desk rather than online? Thanks!

Front desk is where we have always gotten our celebration buttons. Or replacements :slight_smile:

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You can also get them at City Hall on Main Street in MK.

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Guest Relations have them also.

I’ve been to WDW, but this is my family’s first time–is there a reason why I should get this pin?

You may get some magical experiences when donned. We have gotten free dole whips for the family, free gifts for our DD at several table service meals. Just potential for some extra special moments.

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You can still check in online, anyone can go to the front desk and ask for a button.

I feel like it may get them a few more smiles and some extra cheeriness. Make it just that much more special.

We’re not a particularly cheery bunch. I know, weird, a family going to WDW who is like this. We’re more into dark humour, deadpan comments, and a little bit of sarcasm. And why am I taking the family to WDW? So when the kids grow up they don’t have to tell their therapist ‘our mother never took to us to WDW.’



That is kind how our family is, EXCEPT when we/I go to Disney! Then I become Mary “Friggin” Poppins!


We’re more like The Addams Family.

This is me too!!

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I was able to get mine on Main Street from a cart! I was a 30 year old woman but I even got a few stickers which I was stoked about!

Ah, gotcha! Were are less dark, VERY heavy on the sarcasm. In fact , when my boys started to show signs of their own sarcastic tones, I wasn’t sure if I was horrified or proud!


You rang? :smiley: