First trip!

I’m an active DLR person (weekly!), but made it to the world in December for the first time.


Going back in Feb, staying in a Cabin, and dragging my DH in May for our anniversary.

May I booked us at Boardwalk. Any suggestions for a room close to the walkway to Epcot? Because that’s how I sold the room. (After first wanting the Grand Floridian. Lol! But MK is not my favorite park)

Finally stepping into this forum, even though I’ve been a member forever!!!


Hi Julia! Nice to see you here. I am glad you finally settled on a hotel, you will LOVE being so close to Epcot. Have you looked at the room finder on here? You can put in whatever type room you booked and it will show you options. I have done this for many trips and always end up happy. Which view did you book?

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Welcome to the forum! I cannot help you with a BWI room, I have only stayed there once but it is a great resort!

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Hello! Welcome!

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If I remember correctly, all access to the rooms in BWI are through/near the lobby. So even if the room is closer to epcot, you would still have to walk towards the lobby to get out of the building

Yes we stayed there in August and had to walk through the lobby to get out if I recall. We had an awesome garden view room (only payed for a standard). We could see the “Eiffel Towel” in Epcot as well as the Illuminations fireworks from our room. You want the top floor for that – we were in room 5274!

You made a fabulous choice staying at Boardwalk during Flower and Garden. Epcot is AMAZING then!!! And the weather is still pretty nice – not too unbearably hot. There’s nothing like walking to Epcot for us.

Yes, definitely get a room close to the lobby. I have stayed at BWI approximately nine times for work, and the walks to rooms can be very long. The closer you are to the lobby, the closer you are to the Boardwalk! It’s a short walk to Epcot and a lovely place to stay!