First trip without a MagicBand

We (DD, DM, myself) are leaving for a girl’s trip on Wednesday to YC. This is my mom’s first visit to WDW ever. DD and myself have been four times. I can’t find our MagicBands from previous trips and my DM has never had one. Because I am so use to having them and they are very convenient I was willing to pay for them ($5). However, it appears I never finalized the order and have missed the window online to have them ready at the hotel.

We plan to drive straight to YC Wednesday AM and walk through to IG for Epcot 11am opening. What do we use for our tickets since we do not have Magic Bands? I have not gotten anything in the mail. Where would I pickup whatever I need? Is there a way to charge things to the room without a Magic Band?

For eases sake, if I wanted to purchase Magic Bands for myself and DM before we go in, can I do that somewhere at YC? Or should I get into Epcot them find them in a gift shop there? I don’t particularly care what they look like (I think), I’m not searching for any special edition band.

I don’t know about charging to your room with a ticket but I do know you can find magic bands in the gift shop at YC. Have fun!!!

Yes. What @ppehap said. I will add that pretty much every gift shop will have some selection of them, but I don’t think I ever saw the cheapest ones (plain). Honestly wasn’t looking though. Point being, if you can’t find what you are looking for in one shop, there will likely be other choices in another!

They usually also have the plain gray ones behind the desk for when people’s band don’t arrive or there’s a problem. Now that bands aren’t free, I assume there would be a fee, but less than the themed ones.

They do have some new colors that are really cool too. As @ryan1 said you can find MB in all resort main gift shops and in most shops in the parks so you’ll have lots of choices. They are not difficult to set up either in your MDE. If I was staying on property I’d want a MB for ease of charging to my room. You can ask at Guest CheckIn to see what they have too, as @ninjasherrie mentioned. It might be the least expensive way to go.