First Trip next year!

Hey all,

Last year I took the family to Disney World. We are now moving out west and I am taking them to Disneyland. What are some of the things I should know/plan on that are different than DisneyWorld (sniff no magicband). We are looking at a 3 day trip (military ticket) and staying offsite Desert Palms is one place. Also I have 4 kids all under the age of 9 by then. Thanks.

Truthfully everything is different lol. It doesn’t require the months long planning that Disney World takes. ADR’s aren’t booked six months out generally 3 days is enough to see most of what you want to. I’ll defer to the experts around here but it’ll be a much easier trip to plan.

There is a lot of good information in the TP Blog relating to the differences between WDE and DLR. For a start, check out Disneyland Planning for Disney World Experts | Blog and 10 Things Walt Disney World Regulars Should Know About a Disneyland Trip | Blog