First trip in 3 weeks! Split stay AK/Poly. Construction/suggestions?

Hello! We are making our first trip later this month, and looking at room requests. (I feel I’ve done due diligence, and spent hours searching archives and searching the room finder, so I hope I’m not being redundant with my questions).

Based on archives here, I think I’m going to request a Sunset Savannah view room for AKL, and we have a standard room at the Polynesian. We have already warned the kids that it may be too chilly to swim much, so I would like to avoid a pool room view. Does anyone have suggestions for where we could request? I saw that someone once suggest the Aotearoa (@PrincipalTinker ?) but I can’t figure out what room block that was, and most of the view pics on room finder aren’t impressive. Will construction affect requests, or is that only on one pool?

When I fill out the room request, what is the most polite verbiage to put in the comment section that we would gladly accept an upgrade? I want to leave that open, but not sound brash… We have 2 kids, and this trip is smack dab in the middle of their ten-day-apart January birthdays (will be 6 and 8). Do I mention the birthdays in the request, also?

Thank you so much for your help! We have a feeling that this will be the “magical” trip, and a one-shot deal, so I want to get it right!!! :smile:

Yes, I did make that suggestion because I like the quiet area. The standard rooms at Aotearoa used to face the monorail (is that still true?). I know others have made other suggestions?

I have had luck getting upgrades by making just one request: upper floor, balcony- a request that can be filled with an upgrade.

Thank you for the tip! A balcony is one of my hopes, also. I wasn’t aware that they weren’t standard. I appreciate the input.

Looks like Tokelau is the main building recommendation from the room finder page, but someone recently said that’s near the construction. Just trying to narrow it down, but I’m sure the balcony request will help, regardless.

Tokelau is now DVC only, sadly, so that’s not an option for a standard room. I would go with the balcony request.