First timers - Need trip advice for late Agust

We are taking our first trip to DLR this summer! We will arrive in the evening on Monday, 8/22 and leave Friday, 8/26. So, three full days and nights in the parks. Planning to get 3-day park hopper tickets.

Crowd calendar says 3,2,2 for DL and 6,5,6 for DCA. Seems like a touring plan would be a good idea for DCA but not necessary for DL?

We are two adults and two 8-year-old boys.

I’m trying to figure out best times for dinner plans on those days. Our plan is to hit the parks early and swim/rest mid-afternoon. We want to eat at some of the nicer restaurants and definitely see World of Color one night.


I can’t answer a lot of what you’re asking, however, I would say create TP’s even for predicted low CL days. That way even if you don’t have to worry so much about the timing you still have a logical order to see attractions and you always have a ‘next area’ to head to. It prevents you standing around discussing what to do or where to go next.

Plus in the event that the CL’s end up a lot higher than expected you already have a good plan in place.

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I create plans for every trip and if we decide they aren’t necessary, it’s no problem to toss them and go with the flow. For the World of Color show, I would recommend eating some place with a dinner package. We had lunch at Wine Country and our food was less than impressive but that ticket for WOC is well worth it. If we were to do it again, we probably would have chosen Carthay Circle. I can’t stress enough how fantastic the show is. I can’t be too much help on places to eat as we usually do quick service at the parks because we usually aren’t hungry enough to have a big sit-down meal.

I would use one of the two day plans for Disneyland Park. Even if you only follow the first couple of steps each day it still sets you up for success. There are SOOOOO many rides in DL that it really helps to have a plan of attack. I would definitely do the World of Colour package at Carthay Circle as I think it’s totally worth it.

Try and get as much done in the morning as you can that week. The locals will be coming into the park around 4:00 in the afternoon. Passes open Monday after being denied all summer.

Paint the Night will be mobbed. A Blue Bayou meal would be a special treat with the package!