First timer - six days at WDW would love your comments on these touring plans please

I would really appreciate some of your advice on my plans… in particular I do wonder if my plans don’t have enough down time on the MK days.
We are a family of four, 2 parents, 2 girls aged 8 and 5. First timers to WDW from the UK.
This is a special holiday (vacation!) to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We are staying at the Contemporary for 7 nights. We’ll probably be back to WDW - but probably not until the oldest is in her teens.
I have mainly planned days, just two evenings in parks, as I’m aware of our limits with the kids, and considering adjusting to the time difference too.
Apologies as this is long, but hopefully I’m in the company of some other detailed planners here, right?!

Day 1 - arrive into MCO 5 p.m. Pick up rental car, settle into hotel, grab QS dinner (imagine we will be jet lagged and just trying to stay awake!)

Day 2 - 7 a.m. Chef Mickey’s breakfast. Then MK. Idea is to tour expeditiously in the morning, then relax a little from midday-ish but stick around for the parade, is viewing in Frontierland a good choice? At Paris the girls loved the parade and it is something they still talk about (and watch on youtube!). Then back to the hotel for pool/dinner.
Plan here:

Day 3 - Animal Kingdom, using morning EMH just because I anticipate we’ll still be up early with jet lag, lunch ADR at Yak and Yeti for 11.30 a.m. This day should mainly be about seeing the animals and the shows. I don’t think the kids will be up for the big rides so are not planning on them. This is why we’ve used FP for Lion King and Nemo.

Day 4 - Epcot, again using morning EMH, hoping to do Soarin’ (with FP), Test Track and Frozen by 10 a.m. -the plan seems to think we can?! Lunch ADR at Coral Reef, 11.40 a.m. This will be a short day, and back to the hotel for pool, and early night as Day 5/Wednesday we have a lot planned.

Day 5 - 8 a.m. breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, a couple of hours at MK, back to Contemporary for lunch/short rest, then to HS. Fantasmic dining package at Hollywood & Vine, 4.45 pm. At HS only must do is Frozen (may try to get fast pass for this?). Hubs would like to do Star Wars, may or may not get the kids on this!

Day 6 - Epcot - exploring World Showcase with a lazy start after previous busy day. Dinner at 'Ohana 5 p.m.

Day 7 - MK with morning EMH - at MK all day but I think the kids will really want to see the parade again. I can’t figure out how to squeeze a break in!!
Lunch at BOG, 11.40 am,
Dinner at Crystal Palace, 5 p.m.
Have I planned too much - this is our last day.
Will either view Wishes from the Contemporary or in the park - depending how we feel.

Day 8 - Breakfast at The Wave, then depart for a week of relaxation on the Gulf coast!

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I would FP Frozen instead of Soaring, it’s a slow loader and always has the longest stand by lines. Hit Test track 1st, then Soaring.
Your kids might surprise you about wanting to stay later in the parks. It’s very pretty and a little more magical at night.
Not sure what part of the Gulf you’re headed to but if you come across a Cody’s Roadhouse, give it a try. Very “Americana” you might enjoy it. My kids love it

Thank you for your advice. We do have a Frozen FP on our second day at Epcot. So, what about going straight to Frozen, Anna & Elsa, and then to Test Track? The TP software says a wait of 5 mins for Frozen at 9a.m. in morning EMH - is that unrealistic?? The Soarin’ FP works well with going to Frozen/TT then spending more time at the Land and Seas later you see and I’m keen to keep criss-crossing to a minimum.

We’ve been to Disneyland Paris and it was a great, but very tiring trip so I sort of basing things on how we felt there, and combining with effects of jet lag! Hopefully the kids might surprise us!
Thanks for the Cody’s Roadhouse tip, I’ll look it up! We are going to Captiva Island. We’ve been there before and loved it (been to Florida a couple of times previously, but never to WDW).

Your touring style is similar to ours!! I know my kids well and don’t want to push too much. I think everything looks realistic for kids 5 & 8.

AK: I would go straight to Safari, Gorilla Trail, then Discovery Island Trails (our visit last year 2/2016 the trails were closed but it is still awesome checking out the tree and the surroundings) take your time and soak it all in…we did!!, then head to your FP Lion King

HS: If Frozen is a must do…then yes, get a Fastpass. :smile:

MK: On your last day at MK do as little or as much as your kids can handle…when the kids wanted a break we did. It’s so worth it to enjoy the moment!!

I do not think this is accurate. Frozen was not open this time last year, so they have no historical data to compare to. Either go there first, or even better get a FPP for it if you can.

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no matter how hard we try we have never been to Tom Sawyer Island in three trips. It is such a large amount of time and for the last day you all may be dragging. I would also just see and maybe just relax at the resort after lunch. I myself add too much and then start subtracting literally after we walk into the park. have fun and enjoy!

only you know what your girls will be able to handle- kids are all so different!

This is going to be our first time later this year and I am basing my plans around what I think my kids will be able to handle when factoring in holiday mode, first overseas trip, jet lag, Disney excitement, Christmas… the list goes on!

I figure if they aren’t coping I can ditch the plan. Tom Sawyer sounds like a nice little escape break so I’ve popped that in my plan. I also figured that if I overload the last day, at least they can sleep it off on the flight home :smiley:

I’d rather overplan and do less than I had expected than underplan and leave with regrets.

Thanks all, all really useful feedback making me think :slight_smile:

I think we will probably go to Frozen/Anna & Elsa first on for Epcot EMH then. I’m keen to keep our Soarin’ FP as we do have a Frozen FP for another day.

Yes, Tom Sawyer is in there as a break really! It is based on the girls wanting to see the parade (at Disneyland Paris is was their favourite and most memorable thing). If they do want to see the parade, I thought we could use Tom Sawyer as a break from rides/lines and then view the parade at that end of the park. But if they don’t want to see the parade we would go back to the hotel… we will play it by ear. It is hard to know exactly how we’ll be feeling by that point!

Thanks for the AK advice too - I think we will make use of that suggestion too.

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