First timer day 3 Epcot

Today was just an Epcot day. We had FP for TT later in the day. We followed Brian’s rope drop video to a T. It was a light crowd day which got us off to a great start. Entered IG. at FEA by 9:10, off 10-15 min later and on our way to Soarin. 5-10 min wait and across to Land. It’s starting to get really gray and cloudy. Head into Figment. By the time we come out, it’s starting to rain. We dash across, without ponchos, to the Seas. When we’re done there, the skies have opened up to a small monsoon. This is where we notice the biggest problem. More than the rain and getting wet, the drainage is very troubling. Standing water of 3-6" in some places. Our shoes were practically submerged in some places. Between that and dodging lightning, taking cover under the monorail tracks (and carrying my miserable 10yr old at one point) we made it across for mission space orange FP. Along the way it felt like Pickett’s charge…I knew we’d be wiped out but valiantly persisted.
We all loved mission space orange. And since it was still a downpour and we had extra time before spaceship earth FP, we stuck around. Some did orange again, some (me included) did green to say we did both. I prefer orange but glad I did green too.
By then, approx 12-12:30 I think it was a very light rain. We had FP for TT at 1:20, so naturally I was a little concerned if it could be up by then. After earth, I still didn’t have an email changing our fp to multi experience, so we headed over. Then I got the email. Kids were bummed, they’d been waiting and waiting for that one, and more frustrating after our first space mountain fp got cancelled the other night.
I moved up our lunch at Marrakesh by 15min, still got there early and seated right away.
It was only supposed to be CL4, but with the rain, I’m guessing even less.
We liked Marrakesh, even the kids. The beef/powdered sugar appetizer was enjoyed by all. Of course, they brought out bread after we ordered appetizers.
Since TT was obviously down, and we were drenched, especially our feet, we walked back to BW for a break. Clothes were mostly okay. We put on dry socks and actually put our sneakers in the dryer. (Some of us had extra, some not). Probably a 2-3hr break and it showed TT back up. We headed over and by the time we got there it had just shut down again. I know its temperamental. Apparently it was still too wet from before, cars were shutting done mid ride so they gave it more time. We went to O Canada, and then it was back up and we headed back. I’m guessing a bit extra wait even with fp, since probably everyone that was left that missed out was trying to do it. But we loved it. Can’t wait to get it in another day of our trip even though it’s not currently scheduled.
By now it’s 8:15ish. We circle the lagoon, most of us ate QS in Japan, but different ones. I got teriyaki at Katsura grill. I was starving so I ate it all but not that impressed. Not like the teriyaki we get in Seattle.
There was no crowd for illuminations. We didn’t stop because we were strolling for food but there were plenty of open spots lining the fence.
Back to MK to start tomorrow and lunch at Beaches & Cream.

(Family is me, wife, kids are 17, 14, 10)


I forgot to add that my 10yr old didn’t secure the cap to his water bottle before it got put back in my backpack. As we were exiting mission space, I felt a slow drop down the back of my leg and thought it was odd that my shirt was that wet from under a poncho. And then I discovered the culprit…

Love this report. Love Epcot. Headed back in 40 days, so this trip report got me super pumped.

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Well no wonder it was so easy, it ended up being a 1. not sure when that will happen again!